Wednesday 12 September 2007

Tory green tax ideas; Barmy

Saw these today, blimey what a mixture of ill-thought out and regressive ideas these are.

Make short-haul flying more expensive; that won't bother Zac Goldsmith will it?
Also do you think they have heard of Open Skies; reducing short-haul flights from Heathrow means the airlines will put on more long-haul flights, a slot can be used for anything. How exactly is this going to cut greenhouse emissions?

Ban Airport expansion; let's just give with this whole economic growth thing, eh?

The only half sensible idea is a tax on less green cars, but Brown has already done this through the road tax system; so this idea adds nothing to the debate.

Finally, allow councils to make supermarkets charge for parking ? How is this a vote winner. Supermarkets are genius, all our food and goods in one place. Very economical and environmentally friendly. Surely a better and more conservative idea would be to stop councils charging so much for parking in the high streets.

I just hope Cameron has the sense to dump this batch of loony ideas, none of them are really sensible or vote winners.


Anonymous said...

They were clearly advised that suppressing domestic flights would lead to a transfer of airport slots to higher-emitting international flights. Did they listen? George Osborne's people were happy to say that the decision to switch to green taxes had been made before the evidence came in. It might look good to some people, but after generations of cheap politic-ing aren't we entitled to government based on cause and effect?

CityUnslicker said...

I agree anon. This is really basic stuff they seem to have missed, again.

I just want them to get things right and they are not doing so!

Calvin Jones said...

On the point about charging lass for parking in town centers...via ghandi.

Ghandi was once asked what he thought of western civilisation...he said he thought it wasnt a bad idea.

A concervative a approach to cars in general would be nice. Despite what you will hear the car lobby saying cars generally cost the public a lot more than they pay in taxes (both direct and indirect).

Removing this subsidy would be nice, although it would also be unpopular...where are conservative values when you need them?

I`m reeading into transport policy at the moment and it is all rather absurd...we have near unanimity that less cars and more transit, cycling and walking are what we need and a transportation system that still stronglt favours cars.

Calvin Jones said...


we need and a transportation system that still stronglt favours cars.

Meant to read

...we need. What we have is a transportation system that still strongly favors cars.

CityUnslicker said...

Calvin - despite everything we still need to invest in roads and accept that cars are part of our way of life.

My take on it is that we need to be more aggressive with reducing the emmissions levels of cars; just like in california. It is at the production end that we can have the best and quickest effect.

Anonymous said...

I am not in the least bit concerned about cars and airplanes and their effect on the environment. Domestic car use only contributes 5% to CO2 and airplanes roughly the same. Neither will contribute significantly to existing CO2 levels before the oil actually runs out, so even if CO2 is something we actually need to worry about, running out of oil is probably rather more important. The fact that environmentalists continually bitch about domestic car use exposes the truth- they have a hidden agenda that is not focussed on the real culprits of CO2 production at all.

I would suggest that a genuine focus on CO2 produced by power stations and by buring gas to heat our homes would be both more productive, and more feasible from an engineering perspective since the stored power to weight ratio is not an issue and therefore one less hurdle to overcome. Furthermore, Putin's increasingly belligerent attitude makes it more and more of an issue to find alternatives to gas.

Anonymous said...

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