Sunday 21 October 2007

Sunday Business Round Up - 21st Ocotber

Another Sunday and back to business as Sport has been quite unsatisfying enough this week! Maybe the markets can cheer us all up....or maybe not...

BLACK MONDAY REPEAT - This is the only story in town today. If you are a trader of owning shares then tomorrow is going to be a very interesting day indeed. With a large fall on Friday no one is sure if there will be a rout tomorrow...

Oil price nears $100 a barrel - Well,. hedge funds need to speculate somewhere.

LSE protected? - By Qatari sovereign fund. An interesting angle on this story.

The day of the undead M&A story - Swiss re and Standard Life to buy Resolution zombie fund.

No UK Housing Crash - The view of Ernst & Young

...or maybe there will be - According to The Observer.

Globalisation effects- Private jet sales take off.

HSBC still under pressure - from 'radical' activist investor. It would be ground-breaking if such a campaign was to work on such a global player.

Weakest article of the week - Everything is fine - A puff piece (from Ed Balls?) about how great Labour really are in the Observer.

Should the crisis have happened... - Could the Northern Rock crisis have been all the back of England's fault?


Lord Nazh said...

DOW drops 2.6%, world ends, minorities hardest hit...

Old BE said...

I would be interested to know how the price of oil has changed in euros or in relation to gold - i.e. whether the price has gone up as much in real terms as it has in dollars given the dollar's rapid collapse.

I wouldn't be surprised if Britain is in for another White Wednesday moment with the pound collapsing sooner rather than later.

James Higham said...

Black Monday repeat - yes indeed.

CityUnslicker said...

no big repeat of Black Monday after all then...just as well.

Ed - one of the main reasons for the rise in the price of gold and oil is precisely the declinein the value of the dollar. All assets denominated in dollars are experiencing inflation; just as the Fed wants to happen.

Anonymous said...

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