Monday 22 October 2007

Badger Culling - latest breaking news

Strange news to report today as far as I can tell the UK Labour government are in full rebellion against the Brown Machine. Indeed there is now talk of a crisis in finances and tonight it has emerged that there strong discussion of the need for a cull.

First up is Badger. Badger has been in a poor state, marooned in his set and beset by critics, since the Magpie Budget where he was forced to steal others' clothes to cover his own lack of ideas. This has led the Sir David King, the Government's chief scientist to say today that "Together with five well-respected experts, I have assessed the ISG report and other research relating to badgers...It is clear that badgers are a continuing source of infection and could account for 40% of.... breakdowns in some areas. "

However, an alleged friend of David Blunkett, John Bourne added "
If you wish to go down the culling route, you have to do what the Irish are doing in large parts of their country and that is eliminate"

In Defence of badger the leader of the Badger Trust, Dr Richard Yarnell, a person apparently close to G. McBroon is leading the campaign for the protection of badgers and has come out with a strong defence and
said the latest report amounted to a "shameful political fix" and it "beggared belief" that the government was even thinking about implementing a cull."

The Government has also commissioned some Opinion Research, perhaps by Debroah Mattinson
which says a that out of a survey of 47,000 people 95% were against a cull; however it seems that this research was done before the latest outbreaks in the last month.

However given this Government's record on culls since the Foot in Mouth incident on June this year I do indeed fear for the not-so-humble Badger.

Do you think this is right? Should Badger be culled and if so by a knife in the back or s sniper shot to the head?

We live in confusing times....


Anonymous said...

Nice One !!

Mark Wadsworth said...

Damn, you beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

I am frankly baffled by the Badger business as well...Killing badgers is not fun or easy ...Its just as likely to spread disease as eliminate it... as badgers flee the carnage and carry infection further..

Newmania said...

I enjoyed that as much as anything you have ever done CU....a light souffle of wit to accompany the usual warming poltical fare .
I like the reference to Deborah Mattison...Ginga lie bitch.

I was wonderijng whether to picture darling as Pinnochio , both a puppet and a liar

In fact I think I will

Crushed said...

I wonder what Ron Davies thinks about this?

CityUnslicker said...

Ken - thanks!

Mark - ..was an easy spot

Mutley - badger killing is more nonesene form a department that has form for wanting to slaughter animals uneccessarily.

N - Fine praise indeed.

Crushed - he is too busy at his us!

Anonymous said...

The problem with the badger cull is that pretty much 99.9% of the people polled have never seen a live badger, know absolutely nothing about them and know absolutely nothing about cattle farming either.

So, when you poll them you're essentially testing how good the RSPCA propaganda against the cull is, and that's all you're testing.

As it happens there is actually a big problem with TB in cattle, which if you don't cull infected herds will spread to people and since we know from history what carnage widespread TB in the human population causes, we really don't want TB to become endemic in cattle.

So, every infected cattle herd gets culled on detection, the farm mothballed for several months, and the farmer compensated. If you don't compensate, the farmer then has a really big incentive to cover up infection and this makes the problem much, much worse. So, this leaves the government with a whopper of a dilemma: cull the reservoir hosts (badgers and deer) and piss off the bunnyhuggers, or continue paying compensation to farmers.

At some point common sense will have to prevail, and badgers will get eliminated in infection zones, deer will get culled to minimal levels and morons harbouring populations of infected deer (Yes, I'm looking at you, League Against Cruel Sports!) will need a short, sharp dose of reality.

Forcing morons to face reality is never pretty or quiet, but it will have to happen. Waking up from a Socialist dream after a decade will be hard on a lot of folk, but it'll have to happen.

Anonymous said...

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