Thursday, 27 December 2007

True Courage

A shocking end to the year.

Two generations of the Drew family have had the privilege of knowing this brave and thoughtful lady who must surely have been the West’s best hope for rational future dealings with Pakistan.

She may not have held all the answers, and I do not know a great deal about the politics of the region: but I recognise physical and moral courage when I see it.

Where will we find brave leaders like this in our own country when we need them ?



Surreptitious Evil said...

Brave leaders? In the UK?

If we are really, really lucky there may be one on the extreme margins of politics. That is the only place anything other than bland managerialism is tolerated.

In reality, we'll just end up with a Milliband or an Alexander (the Tories being out of power so long their pointless people are still, where they belong, deep in the background) but, as we are no longer a significant world power, will anybody outside of these isles care?

Mark Wadsworth said...


Old BE said...

We only get brave leaders when we need them. Greatness is thrust upon, after all. Luckily we are a fairly stable folk generally - it's only when we get pushed very hard that we get upset. Blair understood this very well, hence his small steps approach.

Nick Drew said...

s.e. - in brighter moments I hope Ed is right: cometh the hour etc, which would probably be consistent with your 'may be, on the margins' point

Mark - the endless lesson from 2-Party systems seems to be that fringe parties are doomed, you need to hijack a mainstream vehicle

(Churchill, after all, spent several years trying different ones for size)

Anonymous said...


Her recent actions and attempts at self aggrandisement cost the loves of hundreds.

She and her husband were corrupt.

Everything they did they could have done by proxy without expending the lives of her supporters.

I will agree she was brave, but at the same time egocentric to the point of crass stupidity and incompetence.

hatfield girl said...

If the killers are Islamic fundamentalists then there is a more profound, alteration in the choosing of allies, cultures, political and social behaviours and their implementation everywhere.
No more multiculturalism, no more acceptance of 'diversity', no more favours to primitive belief systems in advanced capitalist societies.
This atrocious murder's motivation and justification must be confined to Pakistan. At the least, the very least, we require that our governance ends these kinds of activities and ideologies in our countries. Enough women have paid a terrible price for fundamentalist intrusion into their independence and autonomy.

CityUnslicker said...

Tough times these, anyone who is seen as being backed by the West in muslim countries is fair game as far as Al-Qaeda are concerned.

I can't agree with anon. Much of the corruption charges were bribes to try and keep part of the army onside and from attempting another coup. There is no straight and narrow in a place like Pakistan.

The threat of nukes in terrorist hands is now not just some Jack Bauer type fantasy.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Politians are not leaders as they tend to follow bandwagons. The latest one is some "green" nonsense.

It is us, the ordinary people of this land who should take the lead in matters.

Anonymous said...

Much of the corruption charges were bribes to try and keep part of the army onside and from attempting another coup. There is no straight and narrow in a place like Pakistan.

She was corrupt and enrichened herself at others expense, but, and it is the main but, most right thinking people in th eregion will not mourn her after her brutal ethnic cleansing of the Pandits which was as bad as any.

idle said...

You may be right that she was the West's best hope, but heaven help us all if that were so. She and Mr Ten Per Cent were corrupt, and gave the then President all the ammo he needed to have her government suspended. She was divisive, and made no attempt to bring lawless Sindh under the control of the state. And now the PPP has made the 19-year-old son and his crooked father the joint heads of the party - madness!

Pakistan is a basket case, and is headed for failed-state-status with a one-way first class ticket. It displays all the worst attributes of islam (huge population growth, illiteracy, feudal despotism, intolerance, subjugation of women, cruelty) and none of the good ones (culture, learning, ummm).

My heart bleeds for Lahore, a wonderful city that until recently seemed more Indian than Pakistani. If only Pakistan were only the Punjab, all would be well. But Jinnah, in his determination to create a Muslim state, threw his lot in with the Baluchis, Waziris, Sindhis and any number of red-necked types in the far north. Keeping that lot under control was an exercise in herding cats.

Nick Drew said...

Idle - thanks for coming by: your comments, and much other good stuff that is now pouring forth in all media, have filled major gaps in my knowledge

my post was hasty and essentially ad hominem (ad feminam ?)

and I am still dismayed

Anonymous said...

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