Friday, 7 November 2008

Boing Boing Brown wins in Glenrothes

Labour win Glenrothes. A very good result for the Prime Minister with a Labour vote of 19,946 to the SNP's 13,209. A 6737 hold.Pretty amazing.

SNP struggling to put a positive spin on the result after predicting a win here.
That Iceland quote has come back to haunt Mr Salmond. He suggested that Scotland could join Iceland, Ireland and Scandinavia in an "arc of prosperity". That provoked a scathing retort from the Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy who claimed that it would have been an "arc of insolvency". Well quite.
That and some scaremongering over care for the elderly seem to have done the SNP in.

Oh, and a 1.5% interest rate cut probably didn't hurt {as the Labour candidate mentioned in his victory speech}
So well done Sarah.

Odds shortening on Mr Drew's prediction for an early election?


Old BE said...

I am going on record with a prediction for a May 2009 election. Brown can argue that this government has gone for 4 year parliaments so it is not "snap".

If Brown keeps cutting rates and slashes taxes I will vote for him. Honest.

Letters From A Tory said...

Brown didn't cut rates in the first place. It's only the ignorant members of the public who think that he has any control over interest rates and would therefore deserve any credit for the Bank of England's decision.

Simon Fawthrop said...

Could it be what you city types refer to as a "dead cat bounce"? Here's hoping...

Anonymous said...

Come off it and let's get real here.

Firstly, this is a safe Labour seat that had a majority of over 10k. This is a constituency next door to the PM. Labour threw everything at this seat, literally, even down to the unwritten rule that a serving PM does not campaign.

We also had the election on the day that rates were cut by 1.5%.

Having your majority cut by near 50% in a safe seat in a country that is as staunchly and irrationally Labour is not a good result by any standard, and Labour taking any kind of consolation, and Brown trumpeting this as a vote of confidence in his policies, is delusional and will come back to bite them.

Long may it continue though as I want Brown to fight the next election.

Let's see him spin the fact that record numbers of people are having their houses repossessed, being made bankrupt, businesses going into administration and jobs being lost in their hundreds of thousands despite rates being at their lowest level for more than fifty years. His shouts of low rates and inflation mean nothing if the shit still hits the fan, and THIS is going to come back and bite them.

Anonymous said...

Since I am an arch-unionist, & half-scots to boot since my father is a product of the red clyde, no one could be more delighted than me to see those vile nasty small-minded catholic-baiting nationalists lose the election, even if Stalin McBean is the beneficiary. But.... a small nagging voice at the back of my mind is whispering "postal votes... postal votes.."

How many cast, I wonder? And how many in favour of Labour?

JPT said...

The voters are cleverly trying to lull him into a false sense of security.
They'll vote Labour in by elections and the like to make Brown think 'hey this is okay'.
He'll then call an election - and they'll nail the bastard!

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Houdini: "Having your majority cut by near 50% in a safe seat in a country that is as staunchly and irrationally Labour is not a good result by any standard,"


Mark Wadsworth said...

That's a great photo' - perhaps they are more closely related than anybody thinks?

Continuing LFOAT's theme, isn't the BoE independent?

Anonymous said...

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