Friday, 28 November 2008

Damian Green vs 'Taking Liberties' Brown: Time to Pick Sides

In 2007 Gordon Brown delivered himself of a pompous lecture on Liberty. He was probably very proud of himself.

I want to talk today of liberty
(Just as I talk of courage, in the hope
That, by association. I’ll be thought
To be their perfect representative)

And how does this philosopher-king conduct affairs in the benighted country he rules ? By arresting opposition politicians.

Now five and fifty are the power we hold
To enter homes upon authorities’ whim

So we shall bring together all these powers,
For clarity, into a single code
(the better to coordinate our raids)

Damian Green is a measured, bright and diligent chap, whose contributions to public debate are well-regarded across the political spectrum. He has many friends (I count myself one), including a lot of journalists - he worked at the Beeb and Channel 4 for several years, and briefly on the Times; and his wife is a barrister, well regarded in the Inns of Court and amongst the City fathers. There will be outrage, nay fury, in many influential quarters.

It's outrageous. It's also quite a blunder.

To each new generation falls the task
Of redefining British liberty
(and you can safely leave this task to Me.
Yes, safely sleep, and leave this task to Me.)

'Liberty Brown': a sick joke.



Anonymous said...

A huge mistake for Labour.

Brown and Mandelson will be seen as the baddies by the public, and we all know how the pub;ic likes the under-dog, and what is his crime? Exposing the Governments lies and deceit.

More please Gord, yes please...much more!

Bill Quango MP said...

A shocking blunder.
Brown says he didn't know. I believe him.
He couldn't be that bad at PR to make such a colossal blunder. Could he?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe for a moment that Brown was not aware of this. Boris Johnson & David Cameron were both informed before the arrest and the arrest itself is as a consequence of following up a complaint made by the cabinet office. Given these facts can anyone seriously believe he didn't know. Note also the meally-mouthed statement from the No. 10 spokesman. As always the interesting part of any NuLiebore statement is what is not said.

Stalin McBean is widely believe to be psychologically unbalanced even by his own colleagues - he has also demonstrated the symptoms of paranoia. He's flipped his lid. He's got a kangaroo loose in his top paddock. As for the disgraceful reporting on this by the BBC words really do fail me.

It's time to take to the streets.

roym said...

its a shot across the bows for any future "moles" i suppose. completely over the top, but i guess old bill loves a dawn raid every now and then. just ask harry redknapp or ruth turner, neither of whom were charged in the end.

again, Westminster nonsense muddies the water. this should have been a straightforward internal disciplinary issue at the home office, but maybe it really is impossible to fire civil servants these days.

incidentally, is boris johnson a stalinist for interfering with the policing of london?

Mark Wadsworth said...

I pick Damien Green. Time for a fun online poll?

Nick Drew said...

then spell his name right, Mark, he hates it being wrong !

Anonymous said...

Roym, Boris fired an incompetent Police chief. He didn't direct the police to lock up his opponents.

Are you Derek Draper in disguise?

roym said...

youve made my point for me. its not the mayor's responsibility to "fire" the commisioner.

CityUnslicker said...

Technically, Ian Balir resigned and BoJo did not fire him

Anonymous said...

I'd forgotten Boris only encouraged him to resign. I want my elected mayor to fire incompetent police chiefs.

How else do we get things improved?

lilith said...

I find this so creepy. It shows that none of us are safe. The police arrest, then search, then find a charge. (My girl was arrested for one thing and three months later charged with another.) Why use anti terror police? Are the regular Met too incompetent or did they object?

Anonymous said...

Damian/Damien - less a name, more a multiple grunt.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Someone wrote recently, "the difference between a welfare society and a totalitarian society is just a matter of time".

Anonymous said...

youve made my point for me. its not the mayor's responsibility to "fire" the commisioner.

As CU aid, he resigned, and Boris did not fire him anyway, but Boris is head of the Met Police Authority and does have the right and power to ask for his resignation if he sees fit.

And we mean if HE sees fit, not if he sees fit after asking second rate Labour nonces permission.

Blair made his position a political position and should have resigned after Livingstone got beat in the election.

Anonymous said...

BBC local radio suggested that it might have been Ian Blairs parting shot since today was his last day in office.
Please remind the Police that " just obeying orders " is no excuse, remember Nuremburg.

Anonymous said...

I guess the question is this: Did Damian Green obtain information or was he given information and pass(ed) it to the press. That would have been illegal.


Did Damian Green obtain information or was he given information and place that information in the public domain by asking questions about the information in Parliament. Where he would have been acting under Parliamentary privilege.
That would have been legal.

His status as an MP gives him no rights outside Parliament, so far as I am aware.

Anonymous said...

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