Monday 17 November 2008

Difficulties with Reality

Several contrasts of peoples' opinions have struck me recently, I thought they should be shared:

- Loving estate agents getting sacked; hating house price falls.

- Wanting an end to the recession; admiring our 'Strong' Government.

- Seeing bankers brought down a peg; not wanting the credit crunch to cost 'their own' job

- Wanting rid of George Osborne; disappointed to see Labour Revival (that is me, although have been v. impressed by his courage under fire the last few days)

- Superior pride of new found frugality; whining about lack of foreign holidays

- Pleased the Post offices have been saved; moaning about length of queues in post offices

- Working as a neutral BBC journalist; biased pro-Brown reporting

Any others worth sharing?


Jon said...

Tough one, this.

- Being reduced to tears by the plight of Baby P.

- Revelling in the idea that his murderers will be tormented in jail.

Old BE said...

I want tax cuts for myself, but for the deficit to not put me two steps back. Prices to fall but my salary to go up.

Nick Drew said...

- happpy for the USA that Barack Obama has helped them slay some of their demons

- pity about his policies

Simon Fawthrop said...

- Tax cuts are good for me and should be paid for by everyone who earns more than me.

Anonymous said...

Great Simpleton: - surely tax cuts should be self funding in the LT Laffer curve and all that - something that's missing in this current debate - or I've lost the plot somewhere ??

roym said...

have i missed something? i didnt read that peston post as biased. maybe you meant to link to nick robinson?

James Higham said...

And your conclusion, CUS?

CityUnslicker said...

ROYm - that post was hideous - he missed the whole second part of brown/cameron and focused on the first bit.

It is what you leave out that is important - read all the comments, I am not hte only one to point this out!

rwendland said...

One in honour of ND!

The nuclear industry telling us:

- the next generation of nuclear power stations will be "highly economic", and "deployable no later than 2030", so the state should fund the research into them

- the current generation of nuclear power stations should be built now with capital cost evenly recovered over a period of 40 years (sometimes 60 years)

Croydonian said...

I am in the throes of schadenfreude over the travails of estate agents, then again I would like to see them disintermediated out of existence.

Why do they still exist?

Bill Quango MP said...

Delighted that unsustainable house prices have fallen.
Disgusted that the price of my house is not rising.

React in horror when told fat cat businessmen pay less tax than their cleaner.. Still keep repeating the misleading fact even when its pointed out that its the % of tax that is different, not the actual amount of tax paid. {aka Kevin Maguire}

Pleased that economic migrants are leaving UK.
Annoyed as now I can't get a cheap loft conversion.

Anonymous said...

Complained about the nanny state & political correctness gone mad when social workers pointed out that some parents are inadequate & shouldn't be allowed to damage their children.

Vilified social workers for doing too much (for their liking).

Went on to lament that Baby P wasn't removed earlier.

I do not apologise to the followers of Clarkson, Littlecock, Gaunty etc will be offended by my pointing out the hypocrisy therein.

CityUnslicker said...

Excellent answers all - thanks!

Anonymous said...

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