Wednesday 24 December 2008

Festive fun. What's your prediction?

Festive fun. What's your prediction?

Festive Fun

What’s your view on

1} Will RBS survive intact during 2009

A] Yes. Totally

B] It will need to merge with another institution

C] It will be taken into “Temporary public ownership”

D] No. It will collapse and many, many branches will close

2} Will 2009 see..

A] A short downturn with a recovery by April

B] A serious slowdown but recovery by September

C] A recession, deepening until at least November

D] A Depression, with no sign of recovery by 2010

3} Will the unemployment figures in 2009..

A] Never top 1.5 million

B] Steady at 2 million

C] reach 3 million

D] Exceed 3.5 million

4} There will be a UK election..

A] in spring 2009

B[ In Summer/Autumn 2009

C] In Summer 2010

D] There will be no more UK elections

5} Barak Obama will successfully

A] stabilise the US economy

B] Take over the toxic debt from the US banks

C] Improve relations with the UN

D] None of the above

6} UK house prices will

A] show a 10% gain by 2010

B] fall 5-10% by 2010

C] Fall 15-20% by 2010

D] Fall by more than 25% by 2010

7}A major ….. will fold by 2010

A] Retail Chain

B] Airline

C] Car manufacturer

D] All of the above

8} The pound will…. By 2010

A] Rise to 1.95$

B] Rise to 1.80$

C] Rise a little to 1.60$

D] Fall below 1.30$

9}Which country will be best placed to enjoy 2010



C] Germany

D] China

10} VAT will rise to … in 2011

A] 17.5%

B] 18.5%

C] 19.5%

D] 20+%

If you scored mostly A’s you are expecting a big turnaround in 2009 and some real improvements and plenty of good news. Other mostly A’s include Gordon Brown, The BBC, The Labour Party, and Alan Sugar. A’s are rushing to the shops on Boxing day in the knowledge that these crazy prices can’t last beyond Christmas. A’s are planning on selling their house as soon as possible and buying another bigger one to capitalise on low interest rates. A’s are taking out loans and investing in the stock market before it rises early next year.

If you scored mostly B’s you are expecting a downturn that should be over by the end of 2009, with good things planned for 2010. Other mostly B’s include Alistair Darling, The Guardian The Liberal Democrats and Robert Peston. B’s are looking for bargains in the shops and on line, whilst scaling back on their holidays because of the exchange rates. B’s are looking to put an extension on the house while there are plenty of cheap builders about.B’s are thinking about putting savings into government bonds.

If you scored mostly C’s you haven’t much hope of anything more than a few green shoots by 2010. Expect a difficult year ahead. Other mostly C’s include David Cameron, Iraq, Channel Four and the IMF . C’s are going to the sales to buy necessary purchases like warm jumpers and heavy coats. C’s are Just hoping to hold on their existing home.C’s are paying off some debt and thinking about putting savings into gold.

If you scored mostly D’s you are expecting things to get much worse, then a lot worse. Other mostly D’s include HousePrice crash forum, Vladimir Putin, speaker Martin and Bob Quick. Avoid sharp objects and medication this Christmas and get someone else to light the oven.

D’s are investing only in canned goods and primus stoves this season, which they are putting into the motor boats that they bought with the proceeds of their house sale, now just waiting for things to turn really ugly before they cast off from this this island forever.

There wern't to many D's among you were there?

Merry Christmas and an enjoyable holiday to all our readers.


Anonymous said...


I am Iain Dale and I claim my £5

banned said...

I am with David Cameron, Iraq, Channel Four and the IMF . mostly C's, boringly

Anonymous said...


Isn't that what has just happened in Canada?

I am all D's

James Higham said...

Might well go according to public perceptions rather than economics itself. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Mostly D's who are staying put will be beefing up security at their properties and purchasing a gun to keep marauders away when society descends into lawlessness.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Mostly D's.
Buying a pack of Briquettes and some lighter fuel with the cashed in ISA and marching on Downing street.

Old BE said...

"A"s all round here. This the best of all possible worlds.

Whoops I thought I was Gordon Brown there for a minute.

lilith said...

Excellent. Mostly D's though. I think things will have settled a bit by 2014.

Anonymous said...

Mostly D's I fear, but happily I cast my boat off a long time ago. Recommend you follow suit while the harbourmaster is still asleep after his Christmas lunch.

But if you must stay, then please keep up the good work. As a daily reader I appreciate your efforts.

Electro-Kevin said...

Happy Christmas, chaps.

Thanks for the good work.

JPT said...

All D's...

jmb said...

Merry Christmas you lot. I could not hazzard a guess for most of these.

banned said...

" This is the BBC and here is the news"
Brilliant post at Guidos place Bill.

Unknown said...

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Electro-Kevin said...

My more cultured side.

Happy Christmas

Anonymous said...

All A's and an extra A* for effort.
Can't see a problem here.
It's the right thing to do

Anonymous said...

A mix of Bs (60) and Cs (40)... for the moment I shall, however, be concentrating on essential purchases like Rioja.

Merry Christmas and a good new year to you.

Jon said...

Dear Caren

Thank you for your instructive and fascinating post. I have studied your trustworthy and fully certificated site with interest and pleasure and am thrilled that you have seen fit to mention it here. You are indeed a venturesome lass.

It is, perhaps, a pity that you cannot spell your own name, but lack of education has never been a drawback for those in the credit-card business.

Wishing you every good wish for your efforts in further wrecking the world economy, together with the greetings of the season to you and your crew,

I am,

Yours, etc.

D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D Dennis

Drake said...

CD's. It will be so ugly yet. I fear that no one giving A's have any serious fundamentals behind their opinions. "Gut feelings" just are not good enough in a discussion.

Anonymous said...

Mainly D's: house prices to fall 40% at least. Sterling will be trashed. Unemployment to approach 3.5 million even on the govt's heavily fiddled figures.

Most people in the UK still don't have a clue about how bad this is going to get.

hatfield girl said...

1. dunno

2. d

3. d (workless are over that figure already)

4. a (or not at all, i.e d)

5. a

6. c

7. d

8. d (but may try to enter euro)

9. b

10. d

Very sneaky questions, very wide time periods.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know do I? I scrolled to the end looking for answers....

CityUnslicker said...

Dennis - great reply to Caren. She can't seem to spell her own name at all can she.

here was me thinking CKren was the tribe in Thailand/Burma who make the women wear rings around their necks to ludicrous extremes.

Like this.

Steven_L said...

I'm kind of a mix of C's, D's or don't agree with any of the options.

Funnily enough, I was toying with the idea of trying to live on cheap canned food and brown rice this year.

I'm also planning on giving up drinking and smoking, but I say that every December.

Mind you, there's only 13 months left on my contract now, so I'd better stop spending this year in case the D's are right.

Putin strikes me as a bright bloke and a lot of economic indicators took a long time to recover after the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's recessions, even if GDP growth picked up after a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

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