Wednesday 29 April 2009

Government Waste; Swine Flu leaflets

Really, a few people get the usual dose of flu and it comes to this? The WHO have form for calling for the end of the world; kind of helps their funding to keep everyone panicking.

At the moment we have a small bout of flu except in Mexico. The result is a panic by our government to order flu masks from the US (mark up 150% from last weeks price, go civil service buyers, go) and to issue a leaflet to everyone in the country. After all, there must be many people who have no access to the Internet, TV, Radio, NHS Direct or GP's.

Even the markets, jittery at the moment, have given up and companies like British Airways are rising strongly again.

The country is bankrupt and this is a completely wasteful measure. It does however fulfill the traditional political criteria; something must be done, this is something...therefore the government will look good an in control.
Sadly, I would bet many in Government are secretly willing the Flu to become serious so that they get a bounce in the polls again.


Edindie said...

Aaaaggghhhh! It’s the aporkalypse!

Man in a Shed said...

Normally I'm ready to believe its the govt scaring us.

Only this time they're not.

Gordon didn't rush back to number 10 to convene and chair a headline grabbing meeting of COBRA. He left it to civil servants.

They didn't arrest and quarantine those returning from Mexico using the Terrosim act, not they sent them to school in devon to play with hundreds of other kids.

And the final bit of evidence " Britain is best placed to weather the storm" or such statement form Bruun.

They are behind the curve and implementing their hapless plans with all the diligence of the first Foot and Mouth outbreak.

We just have to hope its a false alarm, because we're beyond audacity where hope's concerned in the UK and well into desperation.

Electro-Kevin said...

And I suspect an Al Qaeda strike on the City would be welcomed. So that our economic woes can be blamed on terror.