Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Poland 4 Brownland 0

It is quite something when the Prime Minister of the 6th largest economy in the world can be humiliated in front of the world's press by the Polish Prime Minister:

"I want to emphasise that banking sector supervision, abiding by the rules and not living excessively on credit are the surest ways of avoiding crisis."

"I should not be speaking as a reviewer of an economic policy of any country. All I can say is that the Polish government, at a time of financial crisis, behaved with full responsibility in terms of public funds and the level of budgetary deficit."

"After a few months, you could see that our economic financial policy has been accepted and understood, both at home and abroad."

"The assumption that we adopted as the method to fight against the financial crisis is not to multiply expenditures but rather to increase responsibility for public funds."

Then again, when you had immoral and inept financial management for a period of 9 years, I guess it is to be expected.


hatfield girl said...

It's worse even than that. There is a commenter on angels who says Brown was horsetrading posts in the new post-Lisbon treaty EU with the Polish prime minister.

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Electro-Kevin said...

13 months to go.


Demetrius said...

Perhaps Mr. Brown should do an interview on Radio Gleiwitz.