Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Harman red tape madness

Not content with saddling the British Economy with an total lemon of a budget, the best brains in the Labour Government are determined to go further. Now we have a new equal pay bill.

This comes in a session where it has been noted that the Government has almost no new work to do, but they can make up time for this.

There are many studies showing that , a) Women's pay is getting better every year and b) some gaps are structural due to maternity and women's choices in employment.

Now, at this time of economic woe, when all our companies are struggling just to keep going, we get a new load of useless socialist worker nonsense.

What credibility now does Harriet Harman have for Labour leader...certainly not as a leader of New Labour.

The Government is without shame, where is its vaunted regulation reduction department to combat this tripe? A silence across Whitehall.

Gordon Brown, supposedly in his own mind a champion of business, lets this go by as his power is so diminished within No10.

The saying is that you get the Government you deserve; the UK is a sad and pathetic PC country heading for meltdown on this evidence.


Mark Wadsworth said...

The whole thing, assuming it could be made to work (which it can't) is actually homophobic.

Let's assume my pay goes down a bit and my wife's goes up. We are no better or worse off. But if two gay men live together, then both their incomes will go down.

CityUnslicker said...

Homophobic in the narrow sense I agree. Two lesbians living together could be much better off than two gay men.

idle said...

She looks like a giraffe sucking on a pellet of chimp crap.

I wish she wouldn't worry her pretty little head with these things.

Better off in the kitchen, Mrs Dromey - Comrade Jack will be home for his tea meal soon, and he'll be expecting egg and chips and a Wagon Wheel.

Michael Fowke said...

It seems Labour are not happy with 26 per cent in the polls. They want to get it below 20.

Anonymous said...

My business has now got to the point where I'd really like to employ a fellow professional, so that I can have a few weekends and evenings back.

Will I? No chance! Not with all this open ended hassle of Socialist employment law.

CityUnslicker said...

Fowke - I like your blog, why can't I leave comments?

CityUnslicker said...

Yokel - that is so sad to hear at this time when we have so much unemployment. What a disgrae the socialists are.

Michael Fowke said...


I sometimes toy with the idea of allowing comments, but with the nature of my blog it could lead to legal problems. And there are other reasons. I know I'm losing a lot of traffic because of it though.

And you have a good blog here. It's nice to see finance mixed in with right-wing thought. You don't get a lot of that in the mainstream media.

Anton Howes said...

Quote of the week has to be Harman's when talking about the Equalities Bill:

"It's not about forcing them to take certain actions, it's about requiring them to take actions which achieve certain objectives".

That's not out of context either, as the transcribed version of the radio interview shows:

Barry said...

Harriet Harman appears to knows as much about business as she does about sensible politics. In combination this is a recipe for destruction that neatly sums up this government. Past Labour Ministers were not always brilliant, but I reckon Attlee et al would cry out from the grave at this stupidity.