Wednesday 8 April 2009

Pot-Kettle of the day; Luton Airport vs easyjet

Luton airport is to introduce charges (£1 per ten minutes) for dropping off passengers. A pain, but financially I can see why they want to cream some more money out of passengers; airports in other countries do this all the time and the Luton owners are a Spanish firm.

I would also expect reaction from Unions and travellers groups etc to be hostile, but really, you can use other airports if you don't like it. However, what has caught my eye is the response from the Easyjet spokesman:

Andrew McConnell, spokesman for EasyJet, the largest carrier at Luton,
"Service enhancements should not be at the expense of passengers who
have already paid for a reasonable level of security.
"The customer has already paid a fee to use the airport as part of the fare. This seems to us like double-charging. How many more staff have they taken on to introduce this?"
"It is part of a worrying trend which we are noticing at a number
of airports across the UK. If they are not charging for fast-track security,
they are demanding money for plastic bags in the case of Manchester or
additional levies for 'development'."

This is Easyjet who will charge you £50+ if you make a spelling mistake with your name upon booking, who don't allocate seats in the name of improving margins. Easyjet also pioneered the charges for baggage being charged extra to put in the hold, arguments against that went something like, "surely this is double charging as the customer has already paid to use the plan as part of their fare?"

They have brass-necks, I'll give them that.


Bill Quango MP said...

I see Stellios is back in charge from today.
Probably signals expansion plans time.

roym said...

well said, just because they dont have the gurning Michael Leary, easyjet seem to have escaped much of the public ire at the low cost airlines' attempts to smash through the bottom of the barrel.

dont they already have a huge order with EU-bus? i suppose stelios is going to try and get of the hook for some of it

Anonymous said...

Excellent posting. I saw the story on the BBC and assumd it was just another money grabbing tactic but Sleazyjet's response is classic.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

I thought Luton Airport belonged to the local council, not BAA?

CityUnslicker said...

SW, owned by the council but operated by the Spanishon a 30 year lease, not Ferrovial though.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

well, well, well. I thought it had gone to the dogs. It used to be a nice little airport. You could park long-term next to the terminal building for about £2/day and within 10 minutes of walking through the door you were checked-in, through security, and at the gate.

But as soon as Ryanair (a.k.a. "Fuck Off Airlines") started up operations the great unwashed ruined it.

Anonymous said...

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