Tuesday 16 June 2009

Digital Britain - Who cares?

This morning the Government published a very expensive white paper on digital Britain. Unsurprisingly the narcissistic media like the BBC are running with it as a top story of crucial import.
But really, who cares? Having read the briefs, there is nothing in the report that a competent department of state could drive through without the assistance of a White paper report.
This paper cost a ton of money and was completed by Lord Carter, respected so much by the Prime Minister he was removed from his position at No. 10 within months of his joining. So it has credibility for the ages. The City knows this is simply his pitch to get the CEO's job at ITV.

In addition, a fag end government is in no place to really drive through any of these changes in any event. There is no time in the parliamentary calendar; they are too busy choosing a new speaker.

The best thing to do with this report is to make sure it is the last one. The UK's finances are in a shocking state, as Guido reports today, this is just another waste of money on hot air that we do not need.


Simon Fawthrop said...
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Simon Fawthrop said...

That picture of Brown has to feature in a caption contest somewhere. Carter is obviously holding the report in his left arm but Brown's grin makes me wonder where his right arm is?

As to the report - spot on.

Anonymous said...

£6 levy on telephone connections.

Talk about thin end of the wedge.

FFS. The report better go nowhere too!

eda said...