Friday 26 June 2009

New, previously undiscovered, Michael Jackson video has been found.

A previously undiscovered Michael Jackson video of his hit "Beat It" has just been discovered at his studio in L.A.
A spokesperson said the Mr Jackson had recently become 'much more political' and was very concerned about the erosions of freedoms in the world in places like Iran and North Korea but especially the United Kingdom of Great Britains."
He was planning to release this video at the first O2 concert as a "Message of support to the People of the United States of England in your time of struggle."


Mark Wadsworth said...

You've got to change width to 400 and height to 295, then the video fits better.

Bill Quango MP said...

Yes, I keep forgetting that. Thanks.
I'll let it stand this time.Its late.

grumpy grandad said...

Excellent - and should be distributed far and wide. I have emailed it to mosy of my address book mates.

Sackerson said...

Re the General Election forecasts in the video - another disaster looming. If the Conservatives are that confident, they won't try hard enough to fix the democratic deficit. The EU will have us all.

Martyn Findley said...

Made this cynical bugger smile and that cannot be a bad thing.

I have copied this to my own blog, with a link back to this post of course, because it deserves further distribution.

Anonymous said...

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