Saturday 27 June 2009

Pooh Corner

They're changing guard at Westminster Palace
Speaker Martin went down with Malice
Malice is threatening Bercow too
”His Tory friends are terribly few”
Says Malice

They're changing guard at Westminster Palace
Bercow’s taken the poisoned chalice
The bumptious git had better beware
“If he crosses Dave, he hasn’t a prayer”
Says Malice



wonderfulforhisage said...


Goodnight Vienna said...

So good.

Barking Spider said...

Excellent, spot on.

Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

'Pooh Corner' was actually the big bend near the old gasworks between Hastings and Bexhill.

It's been redeveloped now, thankfully, but I feel you ought to know...

ScotsToryB said...

Wantonly lowering the tone:

Who the Smokie is Malice?


p.s. a couple more syllables and it would fit.

Grumpy grandad said...

Outstanding. From the pencil of the EJ Thribb of the blogosphere.

Nick Drew said...

STB - it's not a bloody limmerick !

Demetrius said...

Where is the Eastern Association when you need them?

idle said...

Solitude - from Now We Are Six

I have a house where I go
When there's too many people,
I have a house where I go
Where no one can be;
I have a house where I go,
Where nobody ever says "No";
Where no one says anything- so
There is no one but me.

Nick Drew said...

... there are many mansions

"no one says anything/no one but me" isn't always a good thing, eh, Idle ? but then again, "too many people/no one can be" isn't either

a wise chap (but uneducated - a soldier of course), whose daily life depended on getting it right, once told me:

the business of life is to avoid lumping people into so few categories that we fail to do justice to them, (no one says anything?)

... but at the same time, not to create so many categories
(too many people?) as to lose the benefits of similarities

Anonymous said...

There was a young fella called John
Whose life had not been very much fun
He shouted Eureka when he became speaker
Then sold nudie pics to The Sun!!


I am so relevant these days... oh yeah!