Sunday 28 June 2009

Relaunch of the relaunch of the relaunch

Are we all set for Monday's big "Gordon relaunch" tentatively called Goordoom 19.


CityUnslicker said...

that was not me in the video!

Nick Drew said...

that is indeed pretty much how his last Press Conference went, as I recall Mr Q
(*re-winds photographic memory; presses >*)

* * * *
GB: ... new era of openness and trans-pear-ency ... blah blah blah ... questions, whenever you're ready ?

Hack: in the new spirit of openness, PM, will you confirm that everyone in this room was briefed by your people just two days ago that you planned to get rid of Darling ?

GB: no-no-no errr ... pffffft ... (rises six inches into the air, falls onto the grass, bounces twice and lays still; small boy runs forward in disappointment)

* * * *
see ? exactly the same

Mitch said...

Poor old snotty none of his plans ever get off the ground....for which I suppose we should be grateful.

Anonymous said...

Help me compile a list of NuLabour's cuts.

Are they cutting or deceiving in the marginals?