Saturday 4 July 2009

Weekend Word Games

Your best efforts for the following.
Best definition will be mentioned in dispatches.

Government Wipe Paper

'De Tracto'



Exchange Rape


Dennis said...

It's all that lump that puzzles me.

Saturn V said...

Exchange Rape: The difference in the amount the TV says the £ is worth and the amount the airport BdC says it is worth.
{Then there is the daily inter bank exchange rape which is more of a sound. Like a laugh.}

Demetrius said...

Where does the milk come out?

dearieme said...

Eton wall game mechanised.

idle said...

The future of Formula 1 pit stops after the budget cap.

Anonymous said...

Now this is the latest tractor from our glorious tractor factory with production so high everyone will be able to have one.

banned said...

Farmer Brown instructs the landgirls on how to grease up his engine.