Saturday 17 October 2009

Government by Blancmange

The events of Friday 16 October illustrate vividly just what a gelatinous, quivering puddle of blancmange the government have become:

Item: they throw £ 60 million to the luvvies. ("without the prime minister's backing, this wouldn't have happened”, gushes Ben Bradshaw)

Item: they do not vote on the Goldstone Report in the UN, but are at pains to have us know this was not anything as principled as, err, an abstention (script by Armando Iannucci)

Item: they rush to appeal against a court ruling in the Binyam Mohamed case, on the grounds that Hillary Clinton might (or more probably, might not) momentarily frown

Curiously, when we read "Brown to talk tough to public sector", everyone just laughs ...

And we have six months more of this nonsense to look forward to.



And now Gary McKinnon's extradition is to be reviewed ! (it should have been thrown out from the start, of course). What other populist stuff will Gordon's bunker-team come up with ? Six months ..!


CityUnslicker said...

that is a good, yet depressing round up!

Anonymous said...

£60 million for a cinema and an art gallery. The cuts to the TA's training program are to save £20 million.

At least we now know what the PM means when he says is he is committed to providing the troops in Helmand with everything they need.
He means to send them art house movies.

James Higham said...

Nick, "looking forward to" is not the terminology I would have employed.

Nick Drew said...

anon that's a very pertinent comparison

James - there's a kind of fatal fascination though, n'est-ce pas ? what else have his spin-doctors come up with (see update)

Houdini said...

I wonder whether they will justify this to the families of poorly trained and equipped TA soldiers who may die or be maimed because they cut training funding to save a third; £20million?

hatfield girl said...

I've got that jelly/blancmange mold too. It used to be used always with black currant jelly for the rabbit resting on a green jelly base for the grass.

Sorry, O/T but I've looked it out for using at Christmas teatime.