Friday 30 October 2009

Happy Halloween special

Halloween Special.
Video from Red Rag

Gordon Brown’s Monster Crash

I was working in the bunker late one night
When my eye beheld the financial plight

For my monster debt had begun to rise
And suddenly to my surprise

The economy did Crash
It did the Monster Crash
The Monster Crash
It was an off balance sheet smash
I made a hash
It caught on fire in a flash
It burnt to ash
I made the mother of all crash

From my desire.. to keep the City unpoliced
Using the FSA where the bankers feast
The people double mortgaged their humble abodes
And get a jolt... when the credit implode.

My ratings did crash
Polls said.. a monster crash
A 1929 style crash
As Chancellor I ..was really trash
The banking smash
It caught on fire in a flash
I was rash
And now you're poor white trash.

Out from his coffin, Mandys voice did ring
Seems he was troubled by.. just one thing
He opened the lid and looked from his lair
And said, “dump this loser, bring back Tony Blair!”

SpAds did the hash
They did the old rehash
That I was Flash
And spending I refuse to slash
I claimed I had a stash
A stash of cash
But you did the math
And now my face you bash

Now I'm uncool, Barack won't hold my hand
And my financial crash is all over the land.
For you, the taxpayer, this Smash is costly too
oo billion pounds, that's what I need from you

I was brash
And was so terribly rash
And now we’re trash.
The UK is just trailer trash
It was the Crash
now my teeth I gnash
Because the Crash Oh,

repeat to fade into oblivion around May 2010..

Inspired by Guido's caption competition


Cazzy Jones said...

Excellent Bill - have a name-check on my own posting and a link. Spooky coincidence!

Bill Quango MP said...

Hello Cazzy Jones.
Saw yours on Fawkes. Very good. Spooky indeed!

John M Ward said...

I used both of them, and both the videos, with attributions and links to all.

You lot really are quite wickedly creative!

Anonymous said...

I screamed with laughter....

lilith said...

That is so, so good :-)))

Philipa said...


Love the pic at the end of the post too.

Anonymous said...