Friday 13 November 2009

Friday Fun 19th Century style

If our great leaders were propelled back in time which particular style of mustache or beard would they adopt for that all important Punch cartoon sketch for the First Lord of the Treasury's pronouncements or posing in the churchyard remembering the Khartoum war dead.

This week fit the facial hair to the politician.

  1. David Cameron
  2. Peter Mandelson
  3. Gordon Brown
  4. Ed Miliband
  5. Ken Clarke
  6. Jack Straw
  7. Alistair Darling
  8. George Osborne
  9. Boris Johnson
  10. Nick Clegg
  11. David Laws
  12. Ed Balls

Jar of Cockburn's Fortitude Beard and Bristle Wax to the winner


circus monkey said...

Hair! Hair!! If I haf my way the'd ALL be scalped

Saturn V said...

Mandelson would have to be the comedy villain twirly Dick Dasterdly.
Gordon looks like a Mutton chops sort of man.
Osborne - a clean shaven youth wearing an officer of the Light Brigade uniform.

Bill Quango MP said...

CU: re lasy post
Mandelson just on telly explaining why UK and Spain are the only major European economies still in recession.

Its amazing that he doesn't begin to appear to be covered in smoke and the interviewer has to say
"Lord Mandelson. Your pants appear to be on fire"

Electro-Kevin said...

With Mandelson the facial hair styling wouldn't matter so much him having virtical lips for a perfect fit.