Monday 14 December 2009

Dubai saved by Abu Dhabi after all

Yes, those friendly UNITED Arab Emirates have decided enough face has been lost and now the process of recovery can begin. Indeed, the whole Middle East took a battering on the markets re the Dubai default.

Now though this damage can be repaired. The Hedgies and traders who bought Middle Eastern bonds will be very pleased with themselves now!
Also, this news should push the markets to have a nice festive end to the year, if not a major bounce.


roym said...

if things can just hold on for couple of months more and brown goes for march 25th we might just escape ok. plenty of sobering reality mind, but no disaster.

Budgie said...

Brown has no other thought but for himself. I do not mean he is trying to save himself, for he cannot imagine that he has done anything wrong. We have been run by a pair of lying creeps for so long we have lost sight of ordinarily incompetent politicians like Major and Healey.