Monday 11 January 2010

Gordon Brown's Other Favourite Poem

Commissioned by Hatfield Girl - & apologies to Yeats:

A Tarnished PM Foresees His Moral Death

I know that I shall lose the vote

Sometime in March, or May, or June

Those ranged against me laugh and gloat

Those on my side think me poltroon

My country is extremely cross

My countrymen despise my name

No likely end can spare me loss

Or flood of tears wash clean my shame

Nor law, nor sense of wrong and right

Nor moral compass did I heed
A sordid impulse of pure fright

Drove me to base and craven deed

I balance all, bring all to mind

I've dashed their hopes, betrayed their trust

‘Son of the Manse’ by all maligned

My reputation, turned to dust



Tuscan Tony said...

Nick, you are the Titus Lucretius Carus, or alternatively Horace des nos jours.

Well done sir!

Anonymous said...

"I have a rendezvous with Fate
At some disputed ballot box"

Nick Drew said...

nice one, Anon - why not have a crack at the rest ?

thanks, TT

- and carpe diem to the lot of you !