Sunday 7 February 2010

April Fool Election

I love this story today in the Mirror..apparently because the Tories have fallen 1% in the polls the game is now on and an election should be held; The Tories are allegedly in disarray.

The truth is only exposed in the last paragraph. 'Allies' of Brown are so fearful of a budget and the horrendous news it will bring that they won't have one before an early April election.

It is so pathetic..look where is Gordon Brown now with his "I saved the World rhetoric."

Anyway, I hope it happens the sooner we have an election the soonere we can start the path to recovery.

And with that I am off on business for a few days to freezing (-20oC) Moscow, so may be light blooging from me. Hopefully BQ and ND can keep you informed and entertained.


Bill Quango MP said...

There has been a little upping of tempo in the labour media efforts. Comical Ali Campbell on Marr. Gordon crying on Piers Morgan's ever so hard hitting show.
John Prescott, who was very well rehearsed on R5 today , was quite convincing when he made the case for Labour overtaking Tories in the online blog war. True to form he did mix the subjects up a bit. 30,000 people of all political parties signed a petition by him to stop RBS bankers getting a bonus. That translates into Labour getting their message across. Not quite sure how.
Then he said 'Twitter is like a Christmas tree being passed along the family' ?
Even if he meant Christmas card it doesn't improve the meaning much.

John being John, ho ho chuckle.

James Higham said...

May 6th would seem to be the day.

Anonymous said...
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