Thursday 18 February 2010

Questions Question Time

David Dimbleby will be joined in Middlesbrough by Roy Hattersley, Rory Stewart, Lynne Featherstone, Ruth Lea and Tom Conti.

Tough one again this week as there doesn't seem to be a central news focus.
BQ is going for

  1. Mossad, false beards and passports.
  2. Crying Brown. Cynical manipulation or a genuine desire to inform the public?
  3. Unemployment figures down, benefits up. Is this good or bad?
  4. Should BBC producers be allowed to kill their lovers. Doctors allowing death.
  5. Afghan surge. Is it a success.
Your best guesses, as ever, in the comments by 10.30pm.


lilith said...

Oh I expect some very deep questions:

1. Should MP's cry more?

2. Are foxes more precious than brown people?

3. Who is Lady Gaga?

4. Should MP's travel first class?

5. Why do girls want to go out with slutty footballers?

lilith said...

Should British citizens in Israel have ID cards in order to prevent identity theft?

Susie said...

Bankers bonuses
Winterton is an arse
Death Tax
Government January borrowing figs worst ever
Boo-Hoo Brown.

Something comical about Twitter scum

Miss CD said...

Passports, Israelis
Inflation surge
Government cabinet awaydays
Cameron's Co-op plan


hatfield girl said...

Should British economic data be regarded as at the same level of reliability as those from Greece?

Falklands and aircraft carriers.

Comprehensive education is all that has been on offer in the state sector for a complete generation (since the 1970s). Has it been a success?

Damage to Labour's electoral hopes from Brown as leader.

No first class in trains

Nick Drew said...

Tonight I am at one with the Zeitgeist and feel certain I am in with a chance:

1) Osborne's Co-ops - the greatest idea he's had this week ?

2) why is gold at an all-time high price in Euro's

3) Peter Mandelson's latest interventions to save jobs at, errr Cadbury's and errrr, Corus

4) what would Alastair Campbell advise Tiger Woods to say in his first interview since waterhydrantgate ?

Botogol said...

Dalai Lama and Obama
Deficit and January borrowing
Politicians crying on tv
Padded bras for 10 yr olds
Afghan deaths - enough

Anonymous Custard said...

Off topic, there's something off about Rory Stewart. Seen him in a couple of interviews recently and he gives me the shudders.

CityUnslicker said...

Nick you need to lay off the Zeitgeist!

Steel, Wintertons etc.

Still Labour doing terribly in MIddlesborough QT, bodes well for them come the elction!

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1 - Tears of a Brown. Was it a good idea? Panel thought it was a good idea -audience convinced
Padded Bras got a mention too!

Q2. - steel industry - Corus and unemployment, with a hint of bank bailout. {had Corus on my list but took it off for BBC producer. Bad decision seeing as this was Middlesbrough}

Q3 - Nicholas Winterton the first class fool.

Q4 - The end of the fighting in Afghanistan?

Q5 - Ray Gosling kills a friend. Was he right?

Q6 - Jan Moir- she isn't as offensive as we thought, says PCC.

Lilith: 2 solid hits
Susie: 2 on form hits
Miss CD: 1 point
HG: got the Trougher - 1 hit
ND. Lord Mandy at Corus - 1 zinger
Botogol: 2 +1/2 for padded bras that crept in with Hattersley.
BQ - the reigning world champion comes in with 3.

Better luck next time ...

Nick Drew said...

yeee-hah !