Sunday 28 March 2010

Blue Sunday

End of Q1 2010 and thus far both my teams have blown up. Leeds losing all form (hat tip to The Telegraph for the pic) on the Football apitch and the Conservatives equally letting slip a massive lead.

Both now have a run in of the smae length and are in the same position - no more defeats or mistakes else it is curtains...but also depserately out of form and needing to find some.

A troubling and annoying parallel for me!


Demetrius said...

There was a time when both Leeds United and the UK were of Premiership class in their respective sectors. Both have now slipped a couple of divisions and lack the resources to sustain a climb back. See you in the Conference soon.....

Elby the Beserk said...

Leeds' season went to pot after they beat United. Classic scenario for lower div clubs. So what was it that precipitated the about turn on Super Cam?

On the subject of football, if Alex Ferguson is Widow Twankey (which he has become to this lifelong Man City fan), which pantomime character is Arsene "Whinge, whinge, whinge" Wenger?

Anon@9.30 said...

When I lived in / moved around London I supported Leyton Orient then Watford and lastly Crystal Palace.

A club does not have to win to be worth supporting.

Unfortunately a lot more depends on the success of the country, and whilst having an instinctive sympathy for the blues, I cannot say I am that impressed by their communications skills or competence.

We have all seen better teams lose focus and throw away the match in the last few minutes.

Penalty Area said...

When Man Citeh, even with all their ill-gotten wealth and overpaid and far over-rated footballers, get anywhere near as good a record of achievement as the Gunners we might deign to listen to your prattle.

Until then and to answer your question, Prince Charming, of course.

Elby the Beserk said...

You know, I used to quite like Arsenal. Went to Highbury quite a lot in my student days, and always thought them an antidote to the foul arrogance of United.

I must have been mistaken.

Don't you Gunners *ever* get fed up with Wenger's whingeing though? Top of the Premiership Nursery Child behaviour stakes, Ferguson and his permanent temper tantrum, closely followed by Wenger's permanent "it's not fair, the big boys kicked us" whizzling.

We're in no hurry, despite what the media might say. When you have gbeen shite and thereabouts for thirty years, another season here or there is of no account. We are after United, and after the small fry like Arsenal as well.

Bill Quango MP said...

There is a fair bit of speculation that the "Red Knights" are going to make an improved offer on their £1 billion for Man Utd.
Have a client in the know.
Story will break soon.

Elby the Beserk said...

All very well, Bill, but why would the Glazers want to sell? They are doing very nicely out of United thank you very much, and could do even more nicely down the line.

I gather that these "Red Knights" are just another bunch of financiers anyway.

All a sideshow. United's *real* problem is what the hell do they do when Ferguson goes. It took them a good few years to recover from Busby, and Ferguson will be stalking the corridors of Old Trafford, muttering and effing and blinding for years longer than Busby.

This Manchester City fan had the pleasure of meeting Sir Matt (and old City player after all, and we can claim to be the source of ALL United's success on two grounds - one, we kept them afloat after the war, and two, when Busby signed for us, he changed his mind about emigrating to the USA, for which his papers were already sorted. Sir Matt was a complete Gent. Not something one would say about the lout in charge there these days.

Not many United fans know as much about their history as older City fans.

Ponder that.

Penalty Area said...

Elby: At least we seem to agree on one point you make - that City are indeed after MU and Arsenal. I take it that by "after" you meant "behind". :-))

Never mind, with a bit of luck your lot will make 4th this year (hope so anyway, if only to stuff the Spuds) and you will get the opportunity to travel next year to exotic places such as Kiev to watch them perform in the snow.

As for the rest, I quite agree the old time managers had far more class that most of the present lot.

Elby the Beserk said...

Well one of the delights of the UEFA "campaign" under Keggle Keegle was the visiting of places that make Kiev look cosmopolitan. Best forgotten.

And yes, we're after the lot of you. World domination, with the extra pique of spoiling Widow Twankey's retirement, please.

Used to go to Highbury when Bertie Mee was in charge. Constable Alex Morgan and the Police Band, Bovril and pork pies. I'd still rather stand, one hip op later...