Tuesday 9 March 2010

The end of free speech and flaming on the internet

Check out this article in The Lawyer, on the arrest and prosecution of Paul Chambers. he made a twitter bomb hoax and is going down for it; but as the article explains, the Police and CPS have really gone to town over this and there are huge issues around the loss of free speech here.

He was a silly man to make a bomb hoax on twitter, but a potential 6 month plus sentence on a different charge is a worrying development.

We really need a new Government to restore both common sense and reduce the over-arching reach of the State.

Keep your comments polite, I don't want to be arrested!


Nick Drew said...

well b****r me !

errr am I allowed to say that ?

Edindie said...

Depends whether it's a genuine request or not.

Nick Drew said...

didn't seem to matter whether Chambers was genuine or not !

Anonymous said...

I want to rant about free speech and everything, but I can't. He was an idiot to do this and yes he does deserve to get punished.

Let's put it another way, if he had made the bomb threat and acted upon it, would those following his tweets be arrested for being complicit?

Think about it.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

On first inspection this gentleman seems to fall into the category of shouting fire in a crowded theatre. We enjoy liberty, not licence.