Thursday 22 April 2010

Question time

David Dimbleby is joined in London by Yvette Cooper, William Hague, Ming Campbell, Elfyn Llwyd and Ann Leslie.

Leaders debate into QT so a fair bet it will be all about that again.

Can BQ up his game and get back to winning form. Will newcomer Malcolm Tucker continue to impress, and will old fighter Nick Drew, get out of his last place?

6 questions .. winner gets to choose what is thrown next a whom. A chicken or an egg.

Q1. The leaders debate on Sky: has Clegg now sealed the deal.

Q2 : Should Llwyd, Salmond, Collins and Farage also have been allowed the oxygen of publicity?

Q3. Should the government have done a lot more to help stranded Hardworking sunbathers.

Q4. Should leaders expect to be egged?

Q5 Is a hung parliament now inevitable

Q6. Do Tory scares about the IMF mean they are still the nasty party.


Miss CD said...

* Smeargate.Are the Lib Dems facing unfair attacks from the Tory press
* Government was wrong to close the airspace without assessing risk.
*Cleggmania. Is the Lib Dem revival real?
* Will the SNP hold the balance of power in England?
* What will Northern Ireland demand to keep brown in power - Hague references 42 days deceit.
*What happened to vince Cable? Poor chancellor's II debate. He hasn't been seen since Cleggmania. Is he ill?

Botogol said...

it feels like ages since I last watched QT... so....

1 - Did the govt over react to the Volcano Bonus marks: 'ashgate' 'where is the Ark Royal?'

2 - would we be better off with a hung parliament?

3 - is inflation going to return ?

4 - has politics become too presidential is it personality over policy (snore but a regualr topic)

5 - Do we need Trident?

6 - can today's figures showing a drop in crime be believed?

Botogol said...

@miss CD you will be interested to know that Vince Cable no-showed at a hustings in Richmond last night. 'Campaigning on the other side of the river' they said. Susan Kramer filled in for him (and surprised me by calling for a referendum on EU membership. Keep it simple: In or Out. That's not LD policy, surely).

Malcolm Tucker said...

1} Leaders debate who won.
2} Brown to resign as a condition of Lib/Lab pact
3} Was the sending of RN to Spain another example of Labour's waste. Spend Millions to get a headline when 10 chartered coaches from the UK could have done the same task.
4} Should Ryan air have to pay for a government imposed ban on flying?
5} Is first past the post now dead?
6} Something about Iraq from the debate and foreign secretary's debate

Philipa said...
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Philipa said...

Yep, pretty much agree.

* Clegg's nazi slur.

* Government management of ash crisis thing.

* Hung parliament / Lib/lab pact?

* Cameron egg incident

* Paedophilia

* Marmite

Nick Drew said...

Making my *inspired* guesses on the run this week:

1) paedo-priests - can they take our minds off the election?

OK, no they can't

2) parading Grandpa Cable up and down the land for the cameras - cruelty to elders ?
3) those crime stats - were they released today just for our edification on QT ?
4) those crime stats - does anyone believe them ? (well, Mrs Balls, obviously)
5) volcano - are we too easily knocked off balance ?

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1. Leaders debate. Was Cameron Nick Clegg? On the actual debate scored it Dave-7 Nick - 7 Gordon - 6.
Gordon gets +1 just for not having his usual gruff demeanour. He lost it towards the end and retreated to tractors, otherwise he would have been equal. No doubt i will read that Dave bombed Gordon grew and Nick was a people's champion.
BBC had Radio 4 instant score from their political reporter absolubtely gushing for Nick. Dimbelby cites the Comres poll putting Clegg first, which clearly throws Hague.
Radio 5 is coming from a Bristol student bar - The home of the Lib Dems. QT from Greenwich too. 10,000 Lab majority. All coincidence I'm sure...

Q2. Are lib dems as corrupt as the other parties? In the debate cameron was strong on this and Clegg a bit weak. Looked like Clegg feared a list of his MPs who had flipped and tried to head it off with an admission of guilt.
David Dimbleby and Elfyn Llwyd bash Ming with the dodgy donation.

{I thought this would br a simple Trojan right wing Tory press are evil question..however only Yvette really agreed. Annoyingly she's right too. It was an ambush for Clegg.Straight from the Campby/Mandy playbook, but still dirty pool.}

To me the Libs should be rushing to those fed up labour voting unions. They can promise the earth for funding.If they can get CWU, who they broadly support, to donate that 1 million quid to them instead of Labour it could begin an Obama style snowball. Iron - hot?

Q3. Hung parliament harmful to UK?
Ming says no. Well..he would, wouldn't he? He quotes the markets don't worry about it. Care to debate that with CU Ming?
Good follow on debates from the audience on AV..NI taxes..Leaders. Much better than usual!

Q4 - Unemployment and inflation figures. Why trust Labour. Why indeed? Yvette does the global economy line.

{Note* The retail figs are +0.9% Feb/March. Haven't heard anyone mention the early Easter. Last week of March was a busy week going into Easter with half the schools off. But the facing figures were soft. Expect more like 0.4% for mar-April, but we digress}

Miss CD - 2
Botogol - excellent 3
Malcolm T. -2
Philipa - 2
Nick D. - erm.. 1 for stats but can't believe nothing on volcano. That must have been down to the impartiality lawyers.

Winner is returning contestant BOTOGOL who avoids the hung parliament and is 1st past the post.
winner gets to choose what is thrown next at whom. A chicken or an egg.


Botogol said...

woo hoo!

hmm, I've always wanted to throw a cushion.

But who at?

Speaker Bercow would be tempting.

James Higham said...

Should party leaders always deny authorizing leaflets?