Thursday 13 May 2010

Oliver Letwin Has A Purpose After All

Oliver Letwin, a major-league 1980’s leftover, has been banished to the back room ever since he was identified beyond contradiction as a major-league political liability whenever allowed out in public.

Now he is redeemed, big-time. Because the careful and crafty ‘Agreements’ document emerging from the successful Con-Lib negotiations is clearly his work: it has his thumb-prints all over it. Well thought-through, well-drafted (in the time available): I am guessing that it contrasted dramatically with the paucity of Labour’s response when the LibDems shopped the deal – not a bad argument when it came to decision-time for Cleggy and his crew.

An investment banker, Letwin has negotiated a few big commercial deals in his time, and the business-like tenor of the Agreements document shows this well. Business and politics, eh ? Capitalists at Work !


PS - we shall of course be picking over said document with relish in the days to come …


lilith said...

I drove down to Dorchester the other week and thought how Mr Letwin must have the most scenic and well groomed constituency there is.

Nick Drew said...

that used to be my route from Scotton Pinkney to Bovingdon Tank Museum (+:

Anonymous said...

isn;t it Bovington?...the place where the kids go to school on the school tank?

Nick Drew said...

you are quite right, anon, I stand corrected, and ashamed

(my thoughts are obviously not on spelling when I see all that glorious armour)

Bill Quango MP said...

Its had a makeover. Lottery money I believe.
Asked youngest miss Q if she wanted to go.

She gave it some serious consideration but opted for the Princess and the frog.

Nick Drew said...

it certainly has, absolutely excellent

but you are not allowed to clamber on the tanks anymore, elf'n'safety doncha know