Thursday 13 May 2010

Question Time quiz

No news about the show. Guess the BBC lawyers are still agonising over how to create a balanced panel. Kevin Mcguire is going to look like a team captain if he has to appear every week.

Q1. Is this a new era in British politics
Q2. Did the Tories give too much.
Q3. Ed Miliband to be labour leader.
Q4. cuts..cuts..cuts..vat 21%..cuts Capital Gains..Olympics..cuts
Q5. Is this the end of the Liberal Democrats as grass roots desert them.
Q6. An Ant and Dec type comedy line.

prize is to pick the new leader of the labour party.


Miss CD said...

1} Coalition - will it restore the public's faith in politics

2} Is this the end of new Labour

3} No parties said they would increase VAT, yet the CLDs are going to.Are they liars?

4} Can inflation be kept at target or will the target change to a more realistic 5%

5} AV. Does this spell the end for majority government.

6} What will the new party name be. -CLD Conservative Liberal Democrats.

Botogol said...

- how can it be proper that 55% of parliament are now needed to carry a motion of no-confidence?
- have the liberal democrats finally finally 'broken the mould'
- should the budget for the Olympics be cut quickly
- would the panel put up VAT?
- why are there only four women in the cabinet?
- should oil companies pay more to help clean up their own mess

key phrases
- I agree with Dick
- five more years

Nick Drew said...

1) gotta be something on the footie

2) that greek/euro bailout - should germany pay for everyone else's pensions in perpetuity ?

3) that SamCam - babe, or what ?

bonus guess at panelists: Lemsip Ukip

Mr Dodge said...

-Was the election a Tory failure.
-English Parliament a necessity now
- The Euro crisis..why are we bailing out the Euro
- Should this coalition include some Labour ministers
-Should Cable have been chancellor

hatfield girl said...

What's to be done about the entire nation of Scotland going into opposition?

VAT's the easy tax but bad for the poor.

Should Labour choose more of the same in Miliband or Balls or should they have an untainted new leader?

Will free schools policies encourage social division?

Glowering from the back benches; will we have another Heathian sulk?

James Higham said...

Flint [heart like]

Anonymous said...

Have the tories/liberals given up too much?

Bill Quango MP said...

Last minute line up.Lord Heseltine, Lord Falconer, Simon Hughes, Melanie Phillips and Mehdi Hasan.

1} should the lib dem supporters feel betrayed..Labour says yes. New Libs say no. quite heated, but as we all know Lab/lib rainbow was never an option.

2}Has Cameron given too much. Melanie Philips seems to think any deal was too much.Faulkner trying out the new elitist attack line. Got enough will be the deployed sound bite for a while.

3} how long will this coalition last: Fixed term parliaments. Something I'm in favour of.

4} Who should be next leader of the Labour party. I'd like Melanie Phillips to stand, just for the debate. Guess it will be Miliband unless Hattie wins in sneaky second votes again. Hassan just nicked my Miliband/Balls - Blair/Brown skit. Only just wrote that today! Luckily sent it off before it was thought plagiarised.

5}Oxbridge cabinet.
If politics wasn't a university based career then it would not happen. Political class = a political class. Bound to happen.
Not sure that this has ever been much different though. Labour was the same with a few extra union types coming through. LD's lost 3 women MPs and gained 1. Thats the electorate, not the parties.

So ..winner is .
BQ - 3
Miss CD - just the 1
Botogol - 2 and a 1/2 for 5 more years.
ND - missed again. Can't believe they didn't get Dipstik OPEC. He's been on everyone else's show.
Mrs Dodge. Nothing there. You lot trying to be too clever tonight..
HG -1 . But some better questions than were asked. QT never does the Scots parliament one.
JH - Flint for Labour leader!
Mutley! how are you?..too slow.. but you got that one right.

Winner is me and I choose Manish Sood for the new labour leader.
{remember him? ..don't worry..we'll all have forgotten Gordon by the times the world cup is over.}

Botogol said...

QT has developed a very Westminster village feel to the range of qus chosen. I am sure it used to be more wideranging