Wednesday 19 May 2010

Phone shopping

The trend for online shopping continues.

Marks & Spencer has launched a new version of designed specifically for use on mobile phones and mobile devices – the first mobile site from a major UK high street retailer.

Customers on the move can now shop on a site that has been developed specifically to enable them to search, browse and buy easily from any web-enabled mobile phone or device. The site will always be in sync with the main M&S website so that customers can log into their regular web-account and manage their shopping basket from their mobile. There is no need to download an app or any software.

The web site designed for use with a mobile. I don't know what % of people shop by mobile at the present. Online data on internet shopper numbers is misleading and not quantified.

"The popularity of online shopping is continuing to grow rapidly, with the majority of the British population aged 15+ shopping online., according to new research." ???

But it must be a good bet that the average commuter train contains a lot more phone users than Laptop users. The number of smart phones sales are around 25% of all new mobiles sold. Online shopping, still in its early years, keeps making itself more accessible. In the coming battle for the few remaining consumer pounds, ease of use from a mobile platform could become quite a factor.


wes said...


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wes said...

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marksany said...

I know Ocado is not high st, but it's iPhone app is excellent. Definitly a growing channel

Anonymous said...

I know nobody who shops on their mobile phone, but plenty who shop online.

I'm quite sure in 10 or 15 years time it'll all have changed.. and pioneers will benefit, but for now I don't think the market is there.

That said, there is very very little work required to stick a mobile phone based shop front onto an existing online shopping site. So it's not hugely expensive for them to adapt early.

Edinide said...

Why would someone be happy to shop online but not via their mobile? Same thing, yesno?

What they really need is a service whereby you book the things you want on the way to the shop, pay, and then you just have to walk it in and pick it up. That would be an added extra that people woult be happy to pay M&S's primo prices for.

Mobile=on the move=often in a rush=appreciate time saving shopping.

Bill Quango MP said...

I don't have a smart phone and so have never bought anything on a mobile.
But Smart phones are still new. The price is still high relative to a basic phone.

The thing is, is this the future? Shopping on the way to the shops, as Edinide says? I think it is, and user friendliness and ease of navigation,load times, credit details will be key.

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