Thursday 20 May 2010

Coalition Agreement - It's Grown

So now we have the full Coalition prospectus, launched by Dave today.

(Incidentally, he launched it with praise for draughtsmen Oliver Letwin and Danny Alexander and,
though no-one likes a smart-arse, you read that here first. We've been getting a bit of credit for our recent political calls at this discerning blog.)

The new document is double the length of the hastily-written Agreement, but at first reading seems essentially the same. One notable feature of the earlier doc was that energy, bizarrely, was the longest section. Now NHS and Political Reform are longer; and Business, and Communities of equal length. We now have an additional 7 energy policies - making a grand total of 30 ! The more important of the new ones cover security of energy supply, a notable gap in the first draft: we'll be looking at them later, natch...


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