Thursday 20 May 2010

Question Time

David Dimbleby is joined in Richmond, Surrey by Theresa May, Caroline Flint, Ming Campbell, Shami Chakrabarti and Douglas Murray few answers.
I should like to recommend Mark Reckons blog which do a live chat on Question Time each week at 10.30pm. They are liberal democrats but we are all friends now. Just so long as we remember that they play the French role amongst this Entente Cordiale.

Q1. The Conlibs manifesto
Q2. Does scrapping HIPS signify the end of pointless legislation
Q3. Dianne Abbott and the race for leader. Is she using the Boris tactic?
Q4. 1922 committee decision
Q5. Are the courts right to be so picky over union legislation?

Winner gets to choose the name of the two currencies that will replace the Euro.


Nick Drew said...

ahaha, I win at last !

1) THOSE OLYMPIC MASCOTS - how cr*p are they ?

CityUnslicker said...

1) BA strikes
2) Coalition document
3) Dianne Abbott/Labour Leadership
4) VAT/tax rises and no cuts
5) ND is write, Olympic Mascots

see look for once I am trying to win!

Bill Quango MP said...

You know..I almost feel you two don't take this seriously.
No mention of the Euro then CU?

Miss CD said...

1} Coalition document
2} Milibands/Balls/Abbott race
3} Cleggs repeal of the stupid laws
4} elected police chiefs
5} MPs expenses

Malcolm Tucker said...

1} Coalitions and Coronets
2} Abbott's and Cost- the -elections
3} Bonfire of labour's vanities
4} The Euro Nero situation
5} Olympic there enough room for the BBC's sports crews?

Demetrius said...

It did not quite register when mentioned on the News and I thought they were talking about scrapping MP's. Now that would be a good idea.

Timbo614 said...

1) Greece/Euro zone - will it break up?
2) Voting system reform / electoral commission 1200 failed to get in to vote...
3) Why did we need HIPS in the first place, How much did "fiasco" cost?
4) Who will replace Diane Abbot on "This Week"? :)
5) Human Rights act - Why keep these alleged/known terrorists in the UK - How much will it cost to "supervise" them for 50 years?

Nick Drew said...

what is it with Brillo and failed leadership candidates ?

Miss S-J said...

- repeal of old laws
- labour leaders
- elected police chiefs
- Nuclear subsidy
- Freeze on council tax will hit services

James Higham said...

I've never understood what we're meant to do here. Sigh.

Nick Drew said...

yer not the only one mate, as the league table clearly demonstrates ...

Timbo614 said...

First Bill, what the hell is Ms Abbot doing on This Week? If she thinks she stands (stood) a chance of being Labour leader. Jeez, Digby just took her apart in the first five minutes, not that I care...

Currency Names, Hmm.. The XRO? or the the DOTTMGAG (DOn't Take That Mate, Got Any Gold?).

Nick Drew said...

curses !! i thought i was home & dry there

on the currency thing, I like the way FT Alphaville refer to the Euro as the mighty drachmark

Botogol said...

starting to see a few too-familiar faces on QT. Shami Chakrabarti, Caroline Flint?

This QT was notable for one thing: Theresa May 'changing her mind' on gay adoptions, s28 et al. Interesting to reflect how much britain changed in the last ten years to make her views of not so long ago now unacceptable for a cabinet minister. Tricky for her, but she handled herself quite well, i thought, showing that it is possible for politicians to do a u-turn if they want to.

Shami is often right-but-shrill. She must have been pleased that Dimbleby knew who she was, unlike Paxo on newsnight earlier this week.

CityUnslicker said...

I demand a recount, I have not lost I have one vote, how dare yu go into coalition with Timbow - I can forma rainbow coalition to out vote you, it is what the court of publi opinion demands....

Bill Quango MP said...

Timbo- XRO - thats good.
Nd - drachmark. The Germans are probably planning to invade Greece {in a bureaucratic sense} and install a few of their own finance ministers. A sort of European coalition...

Botogol. Funnily enough I had the same thought and did the mental maths. Thirty years prior to 1980 homosexuality was still illegal.
A very different place. Seems 15 years is about the modern turn around time for opinion change.

CU - Do we need a crowbar to come and prise the QT trophy from your clunking fist?

Timbo614 said...

Crowbars are sooo yesterday, We'll absorb him into the new team by promising him a top job like QT Business Secretary. Then fob him off with a title like Member for QT panel equality, equilibrium and human harmony and very small banks, then just quietly forget him. Sorted!

David Vance said...

Just to say that Biased BBC also does a lively liveblog of QT,

James Higham said...

Think I should go back to your first one and read the rules again. :)