Monday 10 May 2010

They Never Change Their Spots

There has been a constant strand of commentary along the lines: this is the election to lose. Show me the Party that adopts that thinking ! Not Labour, for one. And Gordon Brown will no more step down until he is forcibly ejected; emphasis on force.

Mandelson and Campbell never stop plotting, never stop briefing, never stop fielding people for the TV studios with carefully rehearsed lines-to-take. This is in stark contrast to the remarkably disciplined and discreet manner in which the Con-Lib negotiations have been taking place - no leaks, no briefing, no unseemly rush to the cameras. It almost conjures up an era before 'spin' meant anything other than cricket-balls and washing-machine cycles.

If I were Clegg, Huhne or Laws, the sight of Campbell and Adonis spinning away the evening hours on TV would convince me that alignment with Labour is a non-starter. Imagine having to trust such people day-to-day.

On Sunday I attended a very large gathering of Conservatives. Notwithstanding all the sniping and probing from the likes of Fraser Nelson and other ultras, all the talk was of hope - hope that the Deal can be Done. Obviously, minority government is an option; and tactics for a short period in opposition to a 'Rainbow Coalition' wouldn't be difficult to execute.

But the Deal's the thing, and I rather imagine it will happen.


- as Nick Robinson has just pointed out, Campbell - unelected; Mandelson
- unelected; Adonis - unelected ...


Bill Quango MP said...

Blues have put AV on the table.

Did you hear the Lib Dem first time voters getting all upset about having to be in a coalition.
"I voted for a Liberal Democrat government. That was what I expected to get."

Sweet in a way.

My fav from a PB flame up where old hippies are up in arms over a deal with Thatcher's children

“I haven’t been a lifelong supporter of PR only to compromise with my political opponents!”

Anonymous said...

Tories are too arrogant in their coalition negotiations.........

Budgie said...

...... unlike the LibDems, of course .....