Monday 14 June 2010

Darling Demands an Apology !?

Alistair Darling, it seems, has decided he is due "a very big apology". From the Tories, that is - not, as you might have imagined, from G.Brown.

Well well well.The goal-keeper has rushed out of his area flailing and shouting, and the ball is at our feet. What shall we do ? Chip it over his head ? Side-step his rash charge and tap it in ? Pass it generously to a team-mate who hasn't scored so far in this one-sided match ?

I have a feeling that Cameron's script-writers will be enjoying themselves in the run-up to this week's PMQs. Let's have a little try ourselves.

*clears throat*

Alistair, we are so, so sorry

Sorry that you were so badly treated by Brown, Ball and their Forces of Hell. Sorry that you didn't feel able to resign, or draw the line at their outrageous postponement of necessary economic measures until after the election. That when you first became Chancellor in 2007 you didn't immediately realise the storm was about to break - and do something about it. That you let the banks dictate terms to you in 2008, and get away with murder as soon as they'd drawn breath ...

Roll on PMQs !



Old BE said...

Do they not realise how absurd their shrill shrieks sound? And does Darling not realise that he has left such a mess that the odd £10bn on the PSBR is pretty much a rounding error? Reading that article out of context one might think that Darling left the nation debt free and booming.


Budgie said...

Alistair - I am so sorry that you did not see the immensely dangerous property bubble in the UK; and the over low interest rates that caused it. I am truly sorry you did not realise that nine years of Labour government deficit did not start in America. I am most sorry that you do not appreciate how bad PFI, bankers getting into bed with G. Brown, etc, corrupts both government and private industry. I am appallingly sorry that G.Brown sold our gold off foolishly, and ruined our pension system. I am painfully sorry that Labour's spraying taxpayers' money at the public sector has entrenched public sector complacency and inefficiency. I am deeply sorry that we went to war as a result of barefaced lies. I am extensively sorry about the surveillance state and Labour's attempts at our re-education including mass immigration designed to rub our noses in diversity.

I am sorry about so many things, but above all I am sorry we ever had a Liebore government over tha lst 13 years.

Bill Quango MP said...

Sorry that that lady pigeon holed Tony Blair on camera about cancer and made him turn on the public spending taps.
But more sorry no one knew how to turn them off when the bath was full. The bathrooms ruined, and it seems to have flooded the bank below.