Thursday 10 June 2010

Mapping the Spill: the Toxic Brown Stuff Spreads

Though hopes are high that its worst effects have been capped, the Brown stuff has left a stain wherever it went, and has certainly hit the UK hard.

Here's one of those handy widgets that allows you to see the extent of the spread of the toxic sludge.

It is being said that in order to deal with the fall-out from the spill, traditional payments of stakeholder benefits will need to be suspended. According to a Government spokesman:

"It is much worse than the perpetrators have admitted. Clean-up will take years, and it will change the way of life for all those affected. We are all in this mess together."

The organisation responsible for the disaster announced: "This is something that started in America". It is expected to appoint a new CEO in time for its next AGM.



CityUnslicker said...


Just as well, drowning at work today. How come everything always goes wrong at once.

Budgie said...

Obamessiah said: "It started in BRITISHland petroleum".

Budgie said...

I've just bought into BP in a small way. Yes the oil spill is a major incident with serious ecological and political implications, but at about half price compared with the April high what's to lose? Certainly the drilling risks are no different.