Thursday 10 June 2010

Question time

David Dimbleby is joined in Plymouth by Jeremy Hunt, { con - culture and nonsense minister}Ben Bradshaw {Lab - ex minister for cultucha an' meeja}, Salma Yaqoob{leader of respect.}, Toby Young,{restaurant critic and journo/writer} and Katie Hopkins {nightmare, oddball reality TV apprentice contestant. }

Unusual panel. And not much new news.Will be tough to get 4 or more.

{usual rules, usual random scoring based on whose line is it anyway format.Congrats to Mr Drew for setting his personal best last week,yet still no grand prize. }

Q1. BP and Obama's Sons of Liberty rhetoric
Q2. Roy Whitting and sentencing
Q3. Tuition fees and Lib Dem deputies.
Q4. Dianne Abbott and tokenism
Q5. Is it right to end tax credits and tax rises?
Q6. Something about flags and England.

Winning prize is to choose what goes onto the next edition of commemorative stamps


Botogol said...

- Are the candidates for Labour Party leadership diverse enough?

- Is it right that civil servants should be paid more than the prime minister?

- does the last series of Big Brother signal the end of reality TV

- Is BP being unfairly scapegoated by Obama

- In the current circs, should the Civil List be cut?

- Do the panel have an england flag flying from their car/house?

Nick Drew said...

tough to get 4 ? - you underestimate me, sir !



1) should migrant spouses be made to learn English ?
2) should foxes be made to learn English ?
3) should we all be made to eat GM food ?
4) should Diannne Abbbottt be made to ...

Botogol said...

sometimes I just don't think he takes this seriously.

Budgie said...

"Should Diannnnne Abottttt be made to ...?" Please, no.

I do not normally comment on the QT posts because I don't watch TV. You must ask yourselves whether you should be watching too. Stop watching, don't buy a TV licence, and bring the BBC to its senses. Simples.

Old BE said...

- How do we fix the deficit without unemployment rocketing?
- Should there be a total ban on foxes?
- Should the licence fee be used instead to provide fibre optic broadband to every home?
- Will Cameron call a snap election if England wins the World Cup?

Bill Quango MP said...

You don't need to watch TV to enter Budgie. We'll tell you if you win. Just pick a few news stories from the week.
The trick is to see it like the BBC producer. They think about questions for the panel to get feisty about, topical stories that catch the public's mood and the region bias where the show is taped.
Look at Botogol going for a crafty Big brother Q, as Katie Hopkins is on the panel, and ND on the immigrant question for Salma Yaqoob. Those are good guesses.

Miss S-J said...

*BP oil spill
*Knife crime that wanders into CCTV
*Dianne Abbott
*Gun Laws re cumbria
*Assassinate Thatcher good or bad comment

Miss CD said...

1 Civil servants expenses
2 Foxes
3 Capital gains tax
4 Anti terror laws
5 Universities

Budgie said...

Bill Quango MP said: "The trick is to see it like the BBC producer."

Ok then:
1. Why did evil Thatcher visit Downing St?
2. Will Toff Osborne's cuts be as bad as heartless Thatcher's?
3. Will fox attack be used by evil Tories to promote hunting by Toffs?
4. BP oil spill: evil USA big oil, or due to reckless Thatcher's cuts?
5. Is Milliband as saintly as St Obama?
6. Can financial wizard Ed Balls teach immigrants to speak English?

That's like a BBC producer

James Higham said...

Salma asked about Dianne - what is tokenism anyway?

Budgie said...

Tokenism: you used to get milk tokens until they were cut by the heartless Thatcher-the-milk-snatcher.

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1. Consultations on cuts. Is it a good idea. Ben says no. Tory says {actually doesn't..but..} its the Canadian solution. Salma blames the banks, to much applause, Katie tries out her entrepreneurial qualifications, less applause. Dimbys tone is pretty scathing about public consultation. I wonder if he's wilfully misunderstanding. Toby Young is the most balanced.
Audience man talks about growth. Well thats right.

Q2. Maggie question. Salma goes straight to milk snatcher and talks utter bollocks about taking another 70 years to pay off the debt.{see how easy it is Budgie?}

Q3. The oil leak and USA anti British rhetoric. Jeremy Hunt evades and says stopping the leak stops the problem. Sort of, it would certainly take the pressure off.Toby Young bigs up his anti Usa agenda with a good football gag. {Very informed audience tonight. Union Carbide and Canada and pensions and so on.}Ben blames Boris for the PR war! Well ...they started it.. {not the oil.. the slagging}

Q4.Dianne Abbott and my tokenism buzz word!Toby Young gets another good dig in about white middle class and a big round of applause.
Tories think Abbott on the panel is a good idea {Must be hoping she wins}. Mention of Ed Balls immigration and Alf Garnett. One of us should have spotted that.
Katie says its just tokenism. She is the anti Harman after all.Bradshaw is honest about not wanting her brand of socialism.

Q5. Student debt. Total Privatisation of the universities from Katie. bit mad that.. A student then misses the point.. "How is it fair that government aides get £150,000 when I have to pay £30k of fees"
Well, just say that back to yourself and there is our answer.
You'll earn enough to pay off your debt in two months {if you had no taxes} in your mid twenties. Not everyone will.
Salma..salma..she raises corporate tax to pay for students 'investment'
The trouble is corporate taxes will rise to pay down the deficit anyway. You can't just keep increasing it. But Salma would.. all the way back to 98% super tax and the stagnation that brings.
Lib Dem deputy gets a mention. Bring down that coalition!

Q6. Should the English flag fly! en says yes! He is not a real lefty at all.Salma says yes. Just shows what a load of bollocks this 'flag fear' has been since about 1996.

Pretty good QT this week. And Ed Balls next week too..

BQ 3 + half for 'Tokenism' and 'rhetoric' = 4

Botogol: 3 + .5 for pay as audience brought it up. = 3.5

ND: Not so good. 1 for the Abbott {which sounds like a punchline..}

BE: .5 for unemployment and .5 for world cup = 1. {if you want foxes you'll have to settle for Caroline Flint on this week. Not so much a fox as a ..}

Miss S-J = 2

Miss CD 1 + .5 for taxes.

Budgie. 1 for Thatcher 1 for Osborne's cuts {came up twice} 1 for BP. Three! PLUS another one for the milk-snatcher for 4.{you should apply to the corporation!}

JH. 1 guess and 1.5 points. Dianne and tokenism.

Bill Quango MP said...

This weeks power sharing combo is BQ and Budgie. You get to choose so ...

Winning prize is to choose what goes onto the next edition of commemorative stamps

Anonymous said...

'Winning prize is to choose what goes onto the next edition of commemorative stamps'

Hmm, the way the economy is going I'm sure a prit stick and a five pound note should about cover it.

Budgie said...

BQ - thank you very much. BQ said: "Winning prize is to choose what goes onto the next edition of commemorative stamps."

Stamps to commemorate the BBC Saints:
St Obama
St Vince
St Gore
St Ashdown
St Milliband (shared)
St Harman
St Patten of EU
St Balls

.. and there must be dozens of others, so it will be thrown open to public consultation ...

Bill Quango MP said...

I like the idea...

Saint Anthony
Saint Cherie
Saint Jade