Monday 7 June 2010

Market turmoil humour to cure the blues

Still, at least can distract from the World Cup.

We are so going to be tripped up on Saturday, I have it on good authority that the US players are insisting that they England players boots are covered in oil before the match as a penance for the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

At least the BP share price is up today, as predicted here yesterday. However a measly 2% is not doing very much, but with the market of 1.7% what else can we expect.

Also I see Hungary is at risk of default which is causing this market famine. Apparently Thirsty is in trouble and the markets are expected to be parched for the rest of the week.


Anonymous said...

short the FTSE

Steven_L said...

Did you see silver get up and go this afternoon.

What's the crack with the Chinese government getting them to save in little silver bars?

If the savers there are lending money in silver to the gvt, doesn't that mean the central bank is buying silver as an asset?

Hmmmm. I still reckon I bagged a good deal with Vodafone at 131p the other day too.

I might take a small loss on one of my funds and shift it into silver you know.

Oil looking cheap again too.

Steven_L said...

Oh, and I was right on that GBP/EUR breakout eh?

Guess which numpty made the same old mistake of too much leverage and got stopped out!

Electro-Kevin said...

BP isn't 'British' Petroleum - but it suits Obama to call it so.