Thursday 3 June 2010

Question Time quiz

David Dimbleby is joined in Brecon, Powys by David Willetts, Diane Abbott, Leanne Wood, Matthew Parris and Kelvin MacKenzie.

Need an Aegis missile carrier to shoot at all of this weeks targets. And look at the gifts on the panel!

Q1. Shooting spree and firearms.
Q2. Israel and sea blockade and what the hell is going on?
Q3. David Laws outed. Was it right?
Q4. Diane Abbott's leadership ambitions
Q5. Cuts and Welsh cuts. {Leanne wood is Plaid Cymru}

Bonus point for BQ if someone mentions Red or Dead Redemption being somehow responsible for this weeks slaughter.
{it is worth its 9.5/10 review}

Usual rules. Up to six questions to predict. Winner gets to choose the England starting eleven.


Miss CD said...

1. Shootings and Bird {2 questions probably}
2. Israel and Palestine
3. David Laws resignation
4. Budget cuts of 6bn
5. Salaries for top civil servants

Nick Drew said...

1) can BP be made to take all the blame ?

2) can HG be made to carry on blogging ?

3) civil service / police bonuses

4) CGT

Timbo614 said...

1) gun laws and licenses/profiling etc.
2) Trident
3) Israel/Turkey/Palestine - what was on the boats?
4) School Academies funding rich / poor divide (should have been on last week!)
5) Is this the end of BP? / pension effects

lost to talk about this week - last week was of an oddball I felt!

Malcolm Tucker said...

1} Shootings
2} British born activists on boats
3} Alcohol pricing
4} BA strike
5} David Laws
6} BP and Obama.

Nick Drew said...

and another thing

5) Harman's 50% female cabinet

Botogol said...

just in time..

- should rape suspects have anonymity
- was david laws hounded out of office
- should the police be armed
- should we outlaw deep level bombing
- will the euro collapse
- is it right for civil servants to earn more than the PM

- 'knee jerk reaction'
- '

Botogol said...

hey - what a good panel again! I am looking forward to this..

Botogol said...

i meant deep level boring (for oil)

Bill Quango MP said...

Fast out of the blocks tonight.

Q1. David Laws, right to resign. Kelvin's argument is surely wrong about expenses. He claims Laws hid his expenses so appeared to have lower expenses on his election flyers. But he paid his landlord/lover. The money remained the same? Or am I wrong.

Q2. Firearms laws change. Kelvin says don't change the law. Very surprised at that. Red Top howling should be a given. Leanne Wood is sounding more and more like an idiot. Abbott..not too bad.

Q3, Is Israel right to protect its borders. { by piracy}
Dimby bashed Parris nicely. Parris says lets forget about the Middle east, which we did. Until the PLO kept hijacking and so on.
Kelvin says Israel were right. Willetts bores on, Woods doesn't say too much.
Very difficult question. Glad that no one tried easy answers, no answers at all really.

Q4. Civil service pay. Largely this just shows how little the PM is paid.
But, if you open the top to scrutiny then it keeps the pay down if it wildly outstrips the very bottom.
Matthew just agreed with me! Abbott supports the mad plan

Q5. Should women be 50% of the Labour cabinet. Abbott tries to gain an mps vote with the white/middle-aged male are not me argument.
Harman's daft and self serving argument pulled down by an audience member in short order.
I like Dianne as an MP, as long as she isn't mine. She's been around forever and always buys the tea.. Knows some good gossip too.

Bill Quango MP said...

Scores on the floors.

BQ - 3 + 2x 0.5 for 4

Miss CD - 4.5. Thats good.

ND - pow!Pay {1} 1/2 for CGT {came up as pay freeze, but all tax} and double for the surprise
Harman. For 3.5.

Timbo614 - 2. Good try with the schools/uni. In a normal week that would have been a great spot.

Malcolm Tucker - 3 {no room this week}

Botogol - glad you made it - 2 + .5 for police arms and deep level bombing. That will fix that hole. 2.5.

Winner is Miss CD again! I happen to know Miss CD is a Yeovil season ticket holder and so expect a strange Fabio first team.

James Higham said...

5) Harman's 50% female cabinet

I was going to do that one. :)