Thursday 17 June 2010

Question time quiz.

David Dimbleby is joined in Witney by Chris Huhne {LD/CON Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change}, Peter Hain {Labour Mp for Neath}, Jeffrey Donaldson {Northern Irish politician}, Baroness Helena Kennedy{Labour peer / human rights and civil liberties} and Amanda Platell.{Journalist and likely to join Helena in the lords.}

Some clues there then.

Can anyone better Budgies 'beginner's luck or maybe sharp predicting, of 4 correct?

1} Bloody Sunday. Should there be prosecutions
2} BP no dividend.
3} Beaker's cuts
4} New FSA is it going to work?
5} Vuvuzela's
6} Bound to be something about 'uman rights. Maybe control orders.


Nick Drew said...

it would be taking the piss not to agree with

1) Saville
2) BP
5) Vuvuz

additionally I offer

a) should middle classes get un-means-tested benefits ?

and to lighten the mood

b) drink-driving

my bonus suggestion is reference to Tony Blair for BP Chairman under (2)

CharlesCharlieCharles said...

I'd really like someone to ask:

"Why do the left persist in foisting the insufferable Peter Hain upon the QT audience seemingly every other week?"

MIss CD said...

- Bloody Sunday
- Obama's green agenda, where is ours?
- Canceled projects by Danny A.
- CCTV cameras bagged up could be the Human rights question.

Miss S-J said...

1. Tony Hayward's grilling
2. Vuvuzelas
3. Social workers and reports
4. Bloody Sunday report
5. Defence changes, Stirrup.
6. Will Rob Green start?

O/t but Why do the BBC keep reporting a baby girl, "apparently" attacked by a fox. What do they think?

Nick Drew said...

Miss S-J - good antennae (if I may say so)

Budgie said...

1. Afghanistan/MoD/CMD visit?
2. Project cuts (Sheffield Forgemasters)?
3. Israel lifts Gaza blockade?
4. Flash floods = global boring = wind 'turbines'?
5. CMD jaunt to euroland: evil Tory splits?
6. Sexist comments by middle aged men?

James Higham said...

Sigh. I wish I understood this game. Everyone else seems to but I just don't know what we're supposed to do. I have read every word too.

JC said...

@James, ..the game >> it's similar to the picture, digitally altered and passed as real.

Bill Quango MP said...

JH: Just pick some questions that you think the audience will ask the panel on BBC's Question Time show tonight. There are normally 4 - 6 questions asked that have been in the news. The trick to a high score is to see who's on the panel and think what a BBC exec/editor would ask to get them excited. Pies-Morgan = Iraq. Joanne Lumley = defence ...
For instance I feel we may have missed a Gaza question creeping in tonight.... You have until 10pm.
Or else just have a rant about things in the media that have been bugging you... that seems to work equally well.

In the political spirit of the program the winner is promised some highly improbable and undeliverable reward.

Budgie said...

"undeliverable reward"?

Aw, shucks.

Malcolm Tucker said...

Cameron and Obama
Rompuy and Cameron; UK budget
Afghanistan and Cameron
Harman and Cameron
Mervyn and Cameron

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1. Saville report. Should further enquiries be granted. - FFS I hope not. At £200 million and 12 years each it would consume all GDP and last 1,000 years. JD makes that point but says more resources needed. They cry of the 21st century.
HK makes good points, but doesn't answer the Q. AP eloquently agrees its time to draw a line and 'move on.' PH praised the PM's response, but spoils it a bit with a defence of McGuinness, which is politically correct, if morally dubious. CH, adds more of the same. Almost everyone now wants to move on, but not in the audience.

Q2. Coalition cuts - an attack on jobs. PH says it is. Sheffield Forgemasters is an odd one. As a strategy, Vat increase instead of NI to save jobs, I would have thought they would have secured some private, or Gov owned bank, investment scheme first. PH gets a big round of applause..thats what the coalition needs to stop or it won't get back in. CH does his bit well, Labour's denial over debt, but Dimbleby nicely skewers Hain over his claim that jobs will be lost. "But those jobs don't yet exist?" Audience member refers to OBR but gets confused on interest rates. BK leans towards PH and gets the audience well onside.
JD says don't cut large scale government investments like hospitals. = The reality is its all low hanging fruit. Stuff that has had no money yet allocated, doesn't yet exist and is easy to axe. PH saying don't cut jobs this year is a real red herring.

Q3. Is David Cameron standing up to Obama? - AP says not really. Agree with her. USA is such an easy target. Difficulty is its so easy to attack BP. British Polluter. But Cam should have had a 'steady on old chap' word earlier. CH on the defensive against everyone in the room, for every reason.

Q4. Prison terms and prison numbers. KH says yes. JR says cut tvs. PH fence sits a bit. I read of a motorist who got 7 months for speeding? Why lock them up for 3 months? What's the point? AP says Ken being Ken. Bit harsh Platty?

Not a bad question time.


BQ - 3
ND - 3 {close with DD}
CharlesCharlieCharles - Peter Hain, Sarah Teather, David Starkey,
Kelvin MacKenzie, and Shami Chakrabarti seems to be the favourite line up.
Miss CD - 3
Miss S-J 2 , but worthy. No idea about the fox.
Budgie - Good guesses but 2
Malcolm Tucker - 1

Going through to the knock out round is BQ, ND and Miss CD.