Friday 11 June 2010

World Cup cash in.

Weekend fun.

If you were a betting person would you bet on

1} Wayne Rooney getting injured
2} Wayne Rooney getting sent off
3} Wayne Rooney getting sent off and injured
4} David James does the save of the tournament and then a cross /lob causes him to backpeddle with the ball into the net.
5} Maradona plays Tevez .. in goal
6} England beat USA. Obama declares sanctions on the UK.
7} France will hand ball in the box and then score.
8} Germany somehow limp into the final despite never appearing to have scored a goal.
9} If England win, team are invited to Downing street. If they get knocked out they are still invited, but only meet Clegg.
10} Disallowed goal by North Korea leads to war.

Any more?


mark said...

According to Ladbrokes - Spain are favourites to lift the trophy at 4/1.

New Zealand are least favoured at 2000/1.

A cheeky 500 on the All Whites could net you 1 million quid.

Australia have had bad form of late
but they did very well in the last tournament and might be worth a look at the 150/1 on offer as might the USA at 66/1.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I think 1, 7 and 8 are fairly safe bets. 10 is unfair because N Korea will start a war whatever happens.

There's bound to be plenty of outrage when one of the teams uses language that an be construed as racist.

I'm running a Fun Online Poll on how many violent deaths there will be.

Anonymous said...

There will be a USA banner in the crowd that says "remember BP"

Nick Drew said...

have you seen p23 of Private Eye this week, "South Africa 2010 - Six to Watch" ? (Darren M'burgla, Rumpina Pumpabwe, Eugene van der Baastard et al)

the most non-PC thing I have read in a polite journal in a long time

CityUnslicker said...

Can't stand Private Eye myself ND, never read it anymore....