Saturday 3 July 2010

Goldsmith's Advice to Blair: The Attorney-General's Song

Grauniad, 30 June 2010: "Tony Blair was warned ... that an invasion of Iraq would be illegal the day before he privately assured President George Bush he would support US-led military action, documents released today by the Chilcot inquiry reveal... Lord Goldsmith, then the attorney general, repeatedly warned the prime minister of the potential consequences of invading Iraq without fresh UN authority – much to Blair's irritation.

Goldsmith changed his view shortly before the invasion on 20 March 2003"

When I was a lad I made it big
As fixer-in-chief in an Attorney's wig

I cleaned up sc
andals and I swept up sleaze
And I pandered to the wishes of the Big Big Cheese

(He pandered to the wishes of the Big Big Cheese)

I pande
red to the wishes of the Power in the Land
And now I’m sitting here with his balls in my hand

As Att
orney General I made such a mark
That he asked me to change my advice on Iraq

I quickly saw the error of my ways

And gave him what he wanted without delay

(He ch
anged his advice without delay)
I told him he could do whatever he planned

So now I’m sitting here with his balls in my hand

Now lackeys all, whoever you may be,
If you want to rise to the top of the tree,

If your conscience isn't fettered by scruple or qualm,

Be guided by this rule and you’ll meet no harm.

(He is guided by this rule and he’s met no harm)

Keep your own head down during Custer’s Last Stand

And you may come away with his balls in your hand



Raedwald said...

Ha! Brilliant. And now G&S will be going through my mind all day ..

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James Higham said...

But does one want those balls?