Wednesday 7 July 2010

The Guardian: Careless To The End

The Grauniad was not so called for nothing: before the advent of spell-checking it was a by-word for typos and misprints of all kinds, evidence of a complete lack of editorial care.

But computers can't sort everything, and before they pull this page down here's a screen-grab to make 'em squirm.

Guido reckons the Graun is doomed when the public sector jobs are no longer advertised there. They obviously intend to end their days as carelessly and casually as they lived them.



lilith said...

That is very unfortunate to say the least. The blog referenced is called "Information is Beautiful" but that doesn't really help, does it!

Anonymous said...

When I used to read occasionally the Telegraph,bearing in mind that my spelling is bad, the spelling mistakes in the 'graph were something to be believed, mind that was under a previos regime. circa 1978/80

Budgie said...

If the statist Grauniad goes, what will al-ja-Beeba do for journalists?