Thursday 15 July 2010

Question time again..

David Dimbleby is joined in Bexhill-on-Sea by Francis Maude, old school Tory MP and hunting with hounds vote avoider. Andy Burnham, Melvyn Hayes look-a- like and Labour leader hopeful. George Galloway, pussy impersonator, man without job, former irritant and loud one issue MP - a sort of human Vuvuzela. Sally Bercow, "journalist", but Twitterer would be much more accurate, and wife of Speaker John, and Nick Ferrari, LBC talk show presenter and a proper journalist.

Up to six guesses. Winner's prize is to choose a new job for gorgeous George, {who is normally pretty good on this prog.}

Q1: Moaty the new Robin Hood {if Robin had crossbowed maid Marion}
Q2. Tory reforms mean double dip.
Q3. Gove {again}
Q4. Health care GP responsible reforms
Q5. Graduate tax
Q6. Political diaries..should they/shouldn't they


Miss CD said...

1. Facebook censorship
2. Student taxes
3. Health reforms
4. French veil ban
5. "Labour must end factionalism"
6. Dimby says .."Third man quote - Gordon was mad,bad and beyond redemption..Sally Bercow?"

Budgie said...

1. Not "Tory reforms ..." but evil Tories copying evil handbag Thatcher damaging cuts armageddon;
2. Ban the Burqa (or not);
3. Balls triumphant over evil Gove
4. Our only hope party - Labour - riven by infighting (by Lord Peter);
5. Moat not as evil as Thatcher;
6. Take That re-union

Nick Drew said...

haha, for once I can totally disagree with BQ (as a matter of principle you understand)

1. is any primary school head teacher worth £200k ?
2. should the niqab be banned in UK too ?
3. WTF is Sally Bercow doing there in the first place ? (what's that you say ? too self-referential ?)
4. should parents drink in front of the children ?
5. what do we reckon to the latest all-in National Debt figures ?

Malcolm Tucker said...

- Raul Moat
- Public sector pay
- Health reforms
_ Ban the burqa
- BP, still not sorted
- Troop casualties in Afghanistan

measured said...

- what is going to be do about white unemployment and/or London centric?
- can GPs cope with health reforms?
- should politicians publish their memoirs so soon as to be cashing in?
- how do you control the media with regard to Moat?
- Does prison work?

Please no more about Northern Ireland. Some may argue it only have themselves to blame for its rise in unemployment.

measured said...

Oops! 'Some may argue they only have themselves to blame for their rise in unemployment' sounded a bit too personal so I cocked it up, which may be even more boring than listening to arguments about NI. No, not possible. :-)

James Higham said...

I'll sit this one out.

Bill Quango MP said...

Q1. Peter Mandelson question first up. Surprise really. NF says its a scandal. SB thinks it not to damaging, public don't care. - Mad,bad redemption quote straight to her from Dimby! Miss CD is on a roll.
GG: calls Tony Blair a double liar. AB thanks Peter M, to groans from the audience. AB does his new generation, vote for me for leader, party piece 'self induced factionalism! Competition's over. Miss CD is on fire!
FM defends Mandy while saying Mandy has done damage to all.
Odd questions from the audience, like ones would be from briefed activists..hmmm.

Q2. Facebook moat question. GG hits a nail. Some people hate the state,government,police,council, teachers because they feel let down, regardless of what they have. FM doesn't say much. NF says he was a bullying thug without own responsibility and takes the applause.
AB makes a very good point about how it portrayed in 24 hour news. A real time manhunt. He is right about self regulation. There isn't another way, but it won't happen.
SB can't understand the facebook website. Agree.
More of those planted sort of activists questions. I would love to do a google search on everyone in a question time audience. {well not me, but one of the interns could do it. }

Q3. GP accounting decisions.
AB is appalled.The applause sounded good but the wide shot showed few clapping. I read that Wales had 24 regions for health, now shrunk to just seven.
That is what's behind the scheme, why AB supports such bureaucratic waste is a mystery. {Actually, its no mystery at all.}
FM tries to make this point, against the hecklers and AB's outburst.NF claims that there will still be too many managers and not enough nurses. NF also says why do it now. I agree.
SB makes a fatuous, nonsensical point about children. Dimby puts his foot down, rightly, as the cancer scare is bought up by AB, which he knows he is misrepresenting. AB knows that the Tories propose medical targets, ie targets that doctors feel will benefit the patients, such as two weeks maximum to have a cancer check, as opposed to political targets such as being seen by a doctor within 48 hours whatever the complaint..headache, hangover, broken foot...
GG makes ever more extreme implications that the NHS is being abolished. He gains a lot of applause for such a ridiculous statement. maybe because of the large hospital in Bexhill under the Hastings and Rother Primary Care Trust. Hmmmm.

Q4. A good time to be a criminal. Prison and police cuts.
NF does not believe the falling crime figures. Don't blame him. No one does. SB agrees with Ken Clark and prison places. She attacks Daily Mail audience, I guess because she doesn't listen to Nick Ferrari. AB, who does seem very comfortable defending Labour's record, and I mean that in a complimentary way. Its not an easy thing to do and he does sound convincing most of the time. I should think Cameron will be quite pleased he isn't going to win.
GG makes two more great points. Wealth of the nation lower crime. And short, easy sentences led to repeat crimes. AF is absolutely correct on the figures not included.

Q5. Teachers and PS pay.
SB says its not right. NF blames the bankers. AB really supports the salary of the teacher who earned £200,000. FM makes a political point about public servants earning over £150k.
GG supports the teacher's pay, due to superlative performance. He may even be right.

BQ: 3
Miss CD: four + 2 bonuses for correct phrases = 6
Budgie:I make that three + a bonus for the infighting comment = 4
Malcolm Tucker: A credible 3
Measured: I make it a great 4. Excellent spot on prisons being included.
JH: I'm going to text you next week to try and get you to have a go! You know you can do it.

Bill Quango MP said...

Balls looking very made up on This Week. Must have been taking tips from arch enemy Burnham.

Winner of the quiz was Miss CD who should now join the BBC as a producer.

Anonymous said...

Damn, that "This Week" is truely awful, did you see that bit by Coburn.
They present as if their audience are 10 year olds.

I just can't understand the nerve of these Labour party ex-ministers, they carry on as if they are a legitimate political organisation not a bunch of criminals who have brought the country to its knees. They pontificate about the issues as if there was hardly any economic problem at all, as if its business as usual.
God help us if these nutters get back in power before things have been straightned out.

Electro-Kevin said...

1) E-K's neighbours from hell
2) E-K's outer CV boot replacement
3) E-K's dodgy father in-law
4) E-K's neighbourhood dog problem
5) E-K's overdraft

Laban said...

"Francis Maude, old school Tory MP"

Old school ? Aren't you confusing him with father Angus ?

Somewhere on my blog, unless I mistake, there's a charming snap of Mr Maude posing in front of a Union flag in which the blue has been replaced by pink, symbolising the contribution to the UK of her gay Armed Forces.