Thursday 1 July 2010

Question Time..

David Dimbleby is joined in Ipswich by Iain Duncan Smith {Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and part rehabilitated failed Tory leader}, Alan Johnson {Labour MP and former Home Secretary and not wanting the Labour leadership,} Simon Heffer {right wing, DT anti EU, journalist,} Prof Mary Beard, anti-USA Professor of Classics at Cambridge, Times critic} and Dame Camila Batmanghelidjh. {I had no idea either ..director of Kids Company charity concerned with child's welfare.}

Rules: just think of questions that the audience will ask the BBC's Question time panel.

Prize. - Tickets to see England at the World Cup final {2080}

Q1. 1.5 million jobs to be axed, says Treasury and Hattie.
Q2. Cuts to police numbers, is this a good idea?
Q3. Is Jamie Oliver really to blame for obesity
Q4. Afghanistan stay put as long as it takes strategy, and pointless wars.
Q5. Human rights for soldiers.
Q6 ... BBC pensions cuts {Only joking.It will be England wimping out of the WC}


BenefitScroungingScum said...

How will 20% cuts be made to DLA without affecting genuinely disabled people when DLA has an overall fraud rate of 0.%?

Dame Camila is v well thought of amongst child welfare experts so probably something about whether the state should take more children into care, change to free school meal/free swimming impact on child health and impact of cuts to benefits to single parents on children's welfare.


Miss CD said...

# Clegg's laws you like.
# Prison doesn't work
# Dangerous dogs
# Human rights for troops
# Child tax credits

Budgie said...

1. BBC pensions
2. England in World Cup
3. Dr Kelly - inquest?
4. Rendition and torture
5. Double dip recession (caused by evil Tory cuts)
6. Prisons

Malcolm Tucker said...

1. Child Poverty
2. Bob Crow, strikes
3. Is there any point to Chilcott?
4. Ban the Burka
5. New disability testing
6. Fabio to go?

Bill Quango MP said...

Here goes.. Dimbleby sounds like he's in a cathedral pulpit.
"Yea, we are mighty"

Q1. Job losses in public sector.
Alan J, job losses are coming and private sector can't create many instead. IDS gives govt growth forecasts and points out labour was doing this on their own figures.
Mary B says she doesn't know what to think. I agree. I'm very unsure that it will pan out as any party thinks. 2.5 million new jobs seems unrealistic. Heff isn't sure on 2.5 million new jobs either. A key moment will come when headline unemployment hits 3 million. That's such a negative memory for the Tories they might panic.
Camila B. Agrees that we don't know whats coming.

Prisons. Work or waste.
Heffer gives the common sense view.
Keep serial criminals in, short sentencing is a complete waste. AJ is still on Labour's very belated build more prisons conversions. He also quotes crime fallen by a 1/3 fantasy stats that include all the double counting for crime detection.
Dimby says Tories SOFT ON CRIME. Lets all right that down for the future.
IDS knows his stuff on literacy and poverty. Tough on the causes of crime. Lets hope its not just empty rhetoric this time. He gets sustained applause from audience people who I doubt really agree with him. CB has some good points about gangs and drug use. I'm beginning to like her a lot, even though its another fence sitter.
{man in the audience gives the PC view. Knob.}
Ha! CB mentions the dodgy stats! Now I'm a fan! MB also mentions western crime rates and stupid criminal laws.

Immigration Question. AJ says there is no problem, Labour sorted it all out.He's Shadow minister for denials. The Heff has a chance to show his anti-EU stance. {We should have spotted that.} Talks about illegals. MB thinks the thinking is muddled. Well that's coalition government for you.IDS explains its a cap, pre the real cork.

Is government making get on yer bikes.
{should have seen that one too!}
AJ, thinks its a gimmick.He's right. It is. IDS says highest number of workless households in Europe. Now bearing in mind Spain has 20% unemployment and France has had 10% unemployment for decades if that were true it would be an amazing figure. When IDS gets passionate he's very convincing. MB shows both parties agree on social mobility and neither can do much about it. The old idea of creating jobs by zoning is brought up by Simon. Its a better, easier, if possibly unsustainable situation. The talk of transportation subsidy is another cheaper option.


BQ- 1.
BenefitScroungingScum - Hi! 1 for the cuts in general but BBC has foxed us all this week.
Budgie - 2
Miss CD - 1.5
MT - just 1.

The winner is Budgie!
You can collect your 2080 WC tickets. The cup is being held in the country of Europe. Final is in the capital of Sedan.

Budgie said...

I can't wait.