Sunday 11 July 2010

The Third Man

In special appreciation of the winner of the publishers wars.

The Third Man.
{Do you think Peter has ever actually seen the film?}

Fome the IMD reviews:
"..he has minimal screen time, though his dark presence and influence infiltrate proceedings like an insidious disease. .."

"The character of Harry S.Lime, alive or dead, on-screen or not, is one of cinema's most fascinating villains. Charming & deadly as any cobra, he attracts & repels at the same moment. "

".. A man who is supposed to be dead turns up alive, there are conspiracies, deceits, and double crosses… "

"we all remember that terrific scene where the cat meows, and suddenly he appears, an evil smirk on his face like a child who has gotten away with the cookie from the jar."

Our own tribute.

Sadly, due to the inherent oddities of multi format in WMV some scenes don't appear on youtube. Moving to a better video editing program soon.


Nick Drew said...

Do you think Peter has ever actually seen the film?

I think he is so desperate to lodge in every form of register, conscious and subconscious, written and unwritten, the single idea

"there were 3 of us, we were all EQUALLY IMPORTANT do you hear me THREE OF US did I mention 3 ?!?"

that he doesn't mind the connotations

and these things mutate - who now recalls that 'Meritocracy' was coined as a condemnatory term ?

Budgie said...

What they claimed: whiter than white; no more boom and bust; I'm a straight kinda guy; no more Tory sleaze; fairness; equality; the Belgrano was moving away; prudence; ban it; tough on crime; we are controlling immigration; lessons will be learned; crime has gone down; economic stability; inflation is under control; stable house prices; education, education, education; etc, etc, etc.

What we got: worst bust since the 1930s; more sleaze than the Tories; cash for peerages (and almost anything else); fiddled figures; worse crime; devalued education; bullying; loss of civil liberties; soaring house prices; spend, spend, spend using borrowed money; gold sold at the bottom; pensions raided; massive (denied) increases in immigration; wars less necessary and less legal than the Falklands; fraud; deceits; lies; etc, etc.

James Higham said...

Mandelson wears cardigans.

baby scrobbler said...

funny? try starting