Thursday 12 August 2010

The price of executive reward

So last night Fabio Capello, having coached an England win with some new stars, manages to ruin all his good work by sacking David Beckham in passing. The guy is really not with it at the moment, still lost in a post World Cup dystopia.

However, much worse are the FA of England. I was at Wmbely last night, one of the big things I noticed was the fact the match sponsorship was only Mars, the rest was advertising. This is not a good sign, the FA have no big sponsor after backing England to do well in the world cup and not signing up with Nationwide (I think Mr Drew would take issue with their risk analysis on that one, given how poorly England perform at World Cups).

Then the main issue, which is the media and the players have given up on Fabio Capello. But he is locked into a pay scheme of £6 million a year which can't be broken. If I was paid that money I would not walk either!

The wider point here is executive reward, giving contracts is daft when you could employ people on normal rolling terms, or better on rolling one year contracts - certainly ones open to annual review. This problem plagues British business which incur high costs to lose incompetent staff.

Given Martin O'Neil's position the FA must be cursing themselves today that they are stuck with a canny Italian negotiator....


BrianSJ said...

If Beckham needs his England spot for his sponsorship, then he should pay for it. He isn't there on merit any more.

lilith said...

I think he (Capello)should sack the England squad, and give Piercy a call: "Giva me youra besta team".

Old BE said...

That interview where he sacked Beckham was weird. Capello could barely speak. His English isn't that great at the best of times but he could barely open his mouth or stand up straight.

Marchamont Needham said...

Canny Italian negotiator?

More like clueless amateurs at the FA.

Bill Quango MP said...

It was an odd interview. Probably just caught out on the question.

Rep: So Fabio this is the new look, youthful team of the future?

FC: yes

Rep: So you will be retaining just a core of the old squad from SA?

FC: Yes

Rep: So old 35 year olds, 37 at the Euros players like Beckham won't have a place?

FC; err...yes..

Gerrard? Why doesn't he do that on the big stage? He once won a European trophy by himself. yet in Africa he scored once and then disappeared.

roym said...

i agree with BQ. he said he was going with youth only for the tabs to jump all over the inference that that was it for st becks.

a) that should have been the case years agao in any event.

b) does he actually have to "retire" he can still make himself available (like ballack for eg). why do the plebs need him to have a state funeral as it were.

Re the media and the players, i wish we could give up on them sometimes. Capello can't win with even supposedly intelligent commentators suggesting he should go. During the WC it wasnt capello that missed one on ones, got caught under straight long balls, fumbled pea rollers into the back of the net or was unable to trap a bag of cement.

as for oneill, does he even want this burden, bearing in mind his wife may still be unwell? he wont be getting 6m in any event, how much was the NZ manager on? This time i think the FA have realised you cant keep on cranking up the managaers salary and expect our mob to do any better.

Demetrius said...

The problem is the players. One they are not good enough at the very top. Two they have lifestyles which are bound to impact on performance at top level. Three they are a pack of spoilt brats.

James Higham said...

Well,well, well - I said Capello should have been sacked and Bill Q wasn't having a bar of it, CUS. :)

Pepito said...

He's not that canny, luckily for us the pound will soon be worthless. 6 million won't get you a coffee at Starbucks by the next world cup.

Pogo said...

Who cares? It's only a game and England are shit anyway. Supporting England is only a less intellectual way of espousing the madness of crowds. :-)

Bill Quango MP said...

JH, I stand by my claim. the players were more to blame than the manager.
He is changing the squad and things should become better.

I still stand by my man -ager.

{but I admit the ground I've chosen to defend looks less promising than I had hoped}

Edward Sasam said...

No loyalty to their own. The leadership, honed skills and morale Becks would be capable of bringing to an English club might elicit a far bigger payoff for them. Shallow, short term thinking, infused with a spot of bottom line ageism. Their loss.