Friday 13 August 2010

Thoughtful Reading from ... the LibDems (sic)

Not words I expect to use often: but (Huhne notwithstanding) there are some thoughtful strategic thinkers in the LibDems. Exhibit A (well, the only exhibit, actually) is this think- piece on how they need to develop a strategy for the Coalition years. Because, as it says:

"We have [heretofore] based our strategy on the implied assumption of opposition at Westminster"

I'll pick up on
just one theme. The author - one Gordon Lishman - is subtly seeking to make space for the possibility of a Lab-Lib Coalition at some future date. This is clever (and all of a piece with the tactics we identified during the post-election negotiations - remember ?).

"Most of the small number of dissenters understand and accept the validity of the arguments for coalition even if they have come for the time being to a different conclusion ...

It is likely that the new Labour Leader will continue for some time in the aggressive attempt to portray the Coalition Government as a single entity. It may well be that, nearer the next Election, the Labour leadership will start thinking about how to promote and achieve the idea of working co‐operatively with the Liberal Democrats. Our leaders will need to manage that journey and our relationship to it in a careful and balanced way ...

We need to establish a broader understanding, already shared by the overwhelming majority of the democratic world outside England, that different coalitions can be a useful and effective form of politics

Oh - and I enjoy the idea of LibDems trying to figuring out ...

"How does the Party help its members to counter the effects of [media] scrutiny?"

Have a read, if you like this sort of thing.



James Higham said...

Deck chairs on the Titanic, Nick.

Nick Drew said...

but so nicely arranged, James

Electro-Kevin said...

Nick Clegg has to be the leftiest lefty ever to have got so close to the levers of power. It's a frightening thought.