Monday 25 October 2010

October Trading Update

First day back from hols so need to be a bit quick today. So here is a post for those interested in my trading for the year to date. The last six weeks has been very active, disasters with SEY and HAIK were unpleasant; Luckily with HAIK and SEY the investments were only £2.5k each so the big hits were not so bad.

On the plus side, XEL has more or less doubled in a month and is now 200% up on the year, GKP has continued its strong run from 68p (my last top up was at 73p)  to now 155p - so over 100% in the last 8 weeks. Of the other major holdings, EMED has gone nowhere, Minerva similarly and I have sold down a bit there too, IAE has recovered from 100 to 130 odd.

Of some long term pain providers, both Ascent and Xtract have perked up hugely, meanwhile KDD has merged with FDI so I now own a larger diamond producer, not that the performance is anything to get excited about.

In terms of new buys, I have topped up XEL and IAE and bought AEY which is another North Sea explorer, quite a long horizon for that one into end of next year to see real gains, but looks good with a new partner to develop its key field. Also I have bought back into HOIL, I sold much earlier in the year, but the shareprice is languishing and there is lots of good news to come out of Iraq before the year end and it has already performed well in a just a few weeks.

On the downside, missed big moves in both Futura and Nautical, but you can't win em all. Overall up just a tad under 50% for the year, which would hit my conservative aims. However, Mr market is well over bought so I expect a retrace for November before a Santa rally.


Steven_L said...

Nice work, what you reckon my shirting ultrashort oil and gas etf'sidea?

CityUnslicker said...

Yup saw that earlier, not a bad idea. AS you know though I do go in for this old fashioned owning shares thing rather than gambling!

Devil's Kitchen said...

I am holding Ascent Resources, purchased at 4.3p, so I'm up there...


Steven_L said...

I'm thinking about buying some 'big guns' cfd's too, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin that kinda thing.

They look decent long term value if you believe in inflation and these currency wars could turn nasty.

I reckon it's time to build up aggressive positions in big guns n big energy and wait for the s**t to hit the fan.

Savonarola said...

Mr UnSlicker

Back from the jungle. My AAAM(African Aura) tip a couple of months back up 60% period of consolidation. In five years they will hit £10(£1.46). Again your Chariot tip has foot on Gas (100% since my purchase)so many thanks.

Inflation is coming.A year or two but its coming.Be prepared.