Thursday 11 November 2010


David Dimbleby is joined in London by Theresa May MP,{home secretary, police reformer, shoe fetishist and spacewoman}.
Caroline Flint MP, {former housing minister and window dressing. Seems to be the only spokesperson for Labour at the moment.}
Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, {diplomat. His job to sort the Afghanistan conflict. good luck with that!}
Clive James {so venerable that when filing in forms, under TITLE he could write 'the legendary' }
and Douglas Murray.{oh dear. journo..who's being set up for both the Woolas and the Irish questions. poor sod.}

Choose up to 5 questions that you think will be asked on tonights show. Thank you Dick the Pr*k. I may stop by biased BBc later.
Anyone who gets question one wrong suffers a further two point penalty. This weeks winner is allowed to choose the new decor for CCHQ.

Q1. student riots has it damaged a legitimate protest.
Q2. NUS responsibility for damage?
Q3. Should unemployed be forced to work.
Q4. Phil Woolas is innocent!
Q5. Boris Bus?..nah..probably something about China.


appointmetotheboard said...

1. Are universities just a breeding ground for socialists and terrorists of the future, and should they just be shut down / student fees.

2. Will work-shy scroungers please report to Millbank for workfare duties / wellfare reform.

3. Did David Cameron's redistribution of wealth speech ("China has money. We have debt. You need to re-balance your economy so you have less money.") show that he is in fact, a Marxist? / human rights.

4. Is waterboarding playful high jinks or torture?

5. Afghanistan / carriers / remembrance day / imminent invasion of Falkland Islands by those war hungry Argentines.

Yes, I persist with the scattergun approach.

Good luck Comrades!

Miss CD said...

- students and riots
- unemployment changes
- Ireland's economic prospects
- Post services bill
- Ann Widdecombe

Dave Rowe said...

I'll give it a go.

1. Student riots
2. Lib Dem fallout over tuition fees
3. What work for the unemployed?
4. Snow and poppy
5. 7/7

appointmetotheboard said...

CityUnslicker - I see from your profile that you like The Poppies. You can't be all bad, then ;)

Bill Quango MP said...

Watched it with one eye as i was on the phone the whole show..

Thought it was pretty good show, well balanced. Flint tows the new line, which is yet to be decided, but at least she looks sincere.
Douglas was less foaming than I expected and Sherard and Clive shows how much a difference it makes to have experts instead of interests on the fringe.

BQ - 3

appointmetotheboard - 4 {great spot on waterboarding with Cowper-coles and May on the panel- But missed the easy Woolas?}

Miss CD - 2. You keep pitching Widdy but it ain't gona happen

Dave Rowe - Welcome Dave. 3. A very good start.

CityUnslicker 3 + 0.5 as there was a Miliband mention. Your best yet!

Timbo614: Can't keep a good a man down. - 3

I thought the Archbish might have come up, but it was a heavy news week.

Winner is appointmetotheboard who chooses the new d├ęcor for Millbank.

Going for a bluey yellow? Or Battleship shutter grey?

appointmetotheboard said...

With hindsight, can't believe I missed Woolas, either. At the time, I thought maybe it didn't have wide appeal beyond Labour. Though maybe it was the other way round, and everyone but Labour wanted to discuss it.

Anyway, I think electrified barbed wire fences, guard dogs and CCTV are very much a la mode for Millbank.

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