Thursday 25 November 2010

Question time

BBC says David Dimbleby is joined in Maidstone by

Ken Clarke MP {Justice secretary, big beast,euro-joiner}
Gloria de Piero MP {presenter and Labour MP with a tiny majority.}
Lord Ashdown,{former leader of liberal democrats, venerable politico and man with teeth gritted to destruction over coalition with Tories..but he will hide it well enough.}
Nigel Farage MEP{ Leader of UKIP, eurosceptic and someone who isn't collecting as many airmiles as he used to.}
and Kate Mosse {fantasy author..she should be in good company.}

Q1. Euro bailout for Ireland
Q2. Student moans
Q3. End of the euro. {Dimby will quote the Ken was wrong piece}
Q4 Is everybody happy? {see previous post..and fill in the questionnaire too!}
Q5. Immigration cap


CityUnslicker said...

easy win when no one else can even see the tnry BQ - perhaps change the time posts???

1 - students hate lib dems
2 - George Osborne loves Ireland
3 - immigration (big kent issue), are BBC presenters 'specialists'?
4 - Only tories are happy, they exploit the workers and cause misery
5 - Dwarphoiba

Miss CD said...

Didn't see it down here!

1. Euro to fail
2. Tories don't get it
3. Targeting Nick Clegg.
4. Soft sentencing for criminals does not work.
5. Queen Camilla

Bill Quango MP said...

Oops.. got it all arse about.

Anyway -
1. Euro to end. Farage quotes Ken. Ken defends the Euro. Both are right. Paddy Ashdown says that the small countries in Europe were not able to inflate their economies???
Really? Where did all the debt come from then?

2.Poor people breeding.
Used to make attacks on the Tories. Terrible own goal. Even if his sentiment, like Young's, was just stating the obvious. For a country used to New Labour's absolubte control of its MPs, this sort of opinion making seems like heresy.

Q3.Immigration cap. Does it match the rhetoric. Erm..No, but then..can it ever?

Q4.Happiness index. Now I've looked at what it does I see its not so crazy. Was crazy to allow it to be called happy index instead of 'satisfaction' or 'well being' though.

Q5. Speaker as a dwarf. Jeremey Vine did a totally pointless piece on this. Basically accused the PM of Dwarfism and Giant-ism by having someone tell how badly bullied they were for being short. What a stupid question and stupid of the Beeb to have been banging on about this non-non-non story all day. Amazingly everyone, audience and panel, agrees.

BQ- 4